ZEvent 2022: the list of participants (and absentees) revealed, faced with accusations of racism, Kameto, Billy and Gotaga calm the controversy

ZEvent 2022: the list of participants (and absentees) revealed , faced with accusations of racism, Kameto, Billy and Gotaga calm the controversy

By Quentin Piton Journalist Series – Cinema Journalist specializing in series, cinema, but also anime and manga. Spends his time dreaming of Emma Watson, considers Olivier Giroud the GOAT and refuses to speak with those who are against the absolute truth which is: How I Met Your Mother is a better series than Friends. It's official, there will be a ZEvent 2022 this year. On Twitter, Zerator revealed the dates of the charity event and announced the cast of streamers who will try to beat last year's donation record. A line up already criticized by Internet users in the face of the absence of certain big names in the list of participants. Also, aware of the first accusations of racism made by some against the organization, the videographers/gamers Kameto, Billy and Gotaga reacted and defended the event.

After a historic 2021 edition which allowed the association Action Contre la Faimto walk away with a check for €10,064,480, the iconic gaming charity event ZEvent will be making a comeback this year. The announcement was made this Monday, July 4, 2022, this video game streaming marathon will work this year in favor of the GoodPlanet Foundation from September 9 to 11, 2022.

The ZEvent 2022 program unveiled

The goal for this year? Take advantage of the 50 hours of live to collect as many donations as possible, raise awareness among young people about the ecological cause, but also celebrate this event launched in 2016. Its co-creator Zerator (Adrien Nougaret, his real name) announced it on Twitter, this ZEvent 2022 should be the last in this format, “One last huge event before we change the formula for a subject that affects us all, that is too important to ignore“.

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For the occasion, he and Dash (Alexandre Dachary) saw things big. In the program ? A musical show organized on September 8 at the Zénith de Montpellierwith on stage PVNova, LittleBigWhale, Frenche Fuse, Berywam, Bigflo and Oli, but also Soprano. What about streamers? There will obviously be 56 in the cast, including Antoine Daniel, Avamind, Doigby, Domingo, Jeel, MisterMV, Sardoche and even Skyyart and Ultia (complete list on the site).

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Internet users criticize a casting they consider racist

A promising line-up? Yes, but that does not please everyone. On Twitter, many Internet users have indeed deplored the noticeable absences of certain important streamers who had participated in the success of the previous edition, such as Amine, Gotaga, Kameto or even Inoxtag and Billy, and have therefore criticized a cast that is far too white, going until implying a racist organization.

Where are the Arab streamers of the last ZEvent? Kamel, Bibi, Kotei, Amine, Billy? And the kids? Michou, Inox? and Gota, Lock, Squezie? It's a 100% benevolent, very racist ZEvent. We're going to be pissed off“, can we read on Twitter, just like, “ No Billy, no Kamel, no Inoxtag, no Amine, no Locklear, no Gotaga. This ZEvent will be fraudulent” or, “I only spent my ZEvent on the streams of Amine, Billy, Kamel and Inox ptdrrr, there is not 1 left“.

The absent explain themselves and defend the ZEvent

Particularly harsh and shameful criticism, since totally extrapolated and based on absolutely nothing, to which the main concerned wanted to react. On his Twitter account RebeuDeter (Billy/Billal Hakkar) wrote, “I read a lot of aberrations concerning the ZEvent. The family, there's no racism whatsoever, neither on the side of Zera, nor the organization, nor anyone. We were all invited back for the most part, it's just that it didn't fit the schedule of some and that there were 1 or 2 very rare cases of refusal. And it stops there. No need to look any further than these two bits of information really.”

Same story from Kameto (Kamel Kebir), who wanted to warn, “Guys, this has nothing to do with racism or anything, ZEVENT has always been a crazy event that brought everyone together, that you don't want to watch/participate in this year it's is one thing, but don't go insulting or putting a bad vibe/reputation on the event or even trash any streamers going there.” He then clarified, “Personally, I was invited and I explained live why I won't go this year, so be cool and I'm sure the event is going to be amazing“.

Au subject of his live, the streamer had indeed explained this: “I have something happening at the same time. And the real real reason, even if it wasn't for the thing, I wouldn't have gone. I no longer have the same feeling going to Zevent and I am someone who works a lot by feeling. (…) For me, I had finished my arc Zevent, I had been going there for 4/5 and it was for me the end of the cycle“.

Finally , it was also during a live on Twitch that Gotaga reacted to his absence by explaining, there too, that the date of the event did not stick to his schedule, “Already last year, I thought it would be my last Zevent. And besides, everyone had said that it was the last and that there would be no other. So I stayed on that a bit. And there it falls on dates… We were warned not very long ago but we had already planned other things. Normally, the Zevent is more around October/November and there it is early. September is the beginning of the season and in general, we have a lot of things [stuck]“.

Aware of the criticisms and disappointments linked to the casting announcement, some streamers guests have meanwhile promised that they will do everything to entertain the public and collect as many donations as possible. “I will give the maximum for this Zevent, declared Etoiles. I understand that there is frustration with absences but I will try to give a moment to people who come to my live for a COOL cause“.

For his part, Domingo revealed: “We will definitely miss some streamers, but in any case I will be there and I have lots of ideas for us to spend a beast of ZEvent, especially if it's the last“. Hoping that's enough to calm the spirits…