Zhadan live is revealing the main intrigue of the continuation of the series “Fortress”

Жадан живи: раскрыта самая главная интрига продолжения сериала "Крепостная"

Frame from the movie Fortress

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Thursday, January 23, STB TV channel in Kyiv staged a loud presentation of your new season. In the center of modern art M17 gathered almost all the stars of the channel, the correspondent Know.ia.

Among the guests were to be found leading culinary show “Masterchef” Hector Jimenez-Bravo, the star of “the Bachelor” and “she zvazheni schaslivi” Irakli Makatsaria, Director Oksana Bairak and many other famous people.

From the TV series “Fortress”, which was a real telekhit not only in Ukraine but in other countries, came Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Anna Sahaidachny, Ksenia Mishina, Thank Krasovskaya and Natalia Denisenko. Also the presentation was attended by Tala Priteca, which is the author and creative producer of the series. She wrote the script for “Fortress” and is now working on a sequel.

Жадан живи: раскрыта самая главная интрига продолжения сериала "Крепостная"

Tala Priteca reveals the secrets of the third season of the Fortress

Tala shared with all present what the audience will see in the third season of “Serf”. She opened the main intrigue doth Andrey Zhadan.

“I am very pleased that the past six months my life hears the word Zhadan daily, because this question is raised by the Balkans, Poland, the Baltic States, thanks to Amazon Prime, the whole world now thinks doth Zhadan. Moreover, a few people came here today specifically to find out whether it is desired or not. So no, this question is now will remain unanswered. Why? Because soon, we start filming the third season, which we all know: dead or alive Zhadan, as a relationship of Larissa and Peter, who they will be born, boy or girl, and what will be, who will remain Kate. It will be a story that, for me, despite the fact that it takes place in the 19th century, very modern, because in it we will talk about what is no mystery that can be stored for a long time, even if you think you buried it, killed everyone who was a witness to this – no, all the secret, hidden always comes out”, – told Tala Priteca.

Жадан живи: раскрыта самая главная интрига продолжения сериала "Крепостная"

Fortress series: Andrew and Kate

The author added that next season, viewers will learn how rich Andrew Zhadan, shows his previous relationship. Therefore, in the new series will definitely be the hero.

“He became a respected man in Kiev secular society. How did it happen? You will learn it in the third season. The characters are cardboard characters, which can be only bad or only good, they are people who have both. This is what I wonder now thinking to remove them. Us about the first season said it was a beautiful story about incredible people. Now in the third season of beautiful people will be more. And men!” – said Tala.

She also admitted that after the murder, Lydia Schaefer, one of the main antagonists of the series, the third season will be another heroine of the same type.

“I hope that the third season will end so that you will look forward to the fourth, and instead of Hello to tell me something else, for example, will survive Kate?” summed up Tala Priteca.

Impressions about heard and shared the Glory Krasovskaya, who plays Gali.

“If a young Zhadan will be, and whether it is a Maxim radugin? Oh I don’t know! All, I’m not going to sleep now. Even the villain, and some will appear! How to live with it?” – said Krasovskaya.

Жадан живи: раскрыта самая главная интрига продолжения сериала "Крепостная"

Thank Krasovskaya played Galya in the series, Fortress

We will remind, earlier Know.ia talked to Melt Protecci to find out why the name “Fortress”, as chosen actress for the lead role and other important issues.

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