Zhirinovsky commented on the occupation of the whole Ukraine. Video

Жириновский высказался по оккупации всей Украины. Видео

In the network laugh at the scandalous statement of the Russian Deputy.

In the network laugh at another scandalous statement of the Russian Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the occupation of the whole Ukraine.

This was written on Twitter by the journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, publishing a relevant video, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to apostrophe.ua.

“Crimea is only the beginning. You need to make strategic decisions in Ukraine. Zhirinovsky says hi to fans of compromise in Ukraine. They will chew these peacekeepers and spit out”, – he wrote.

“We not only Luhansk and Donetsk need. We need to liberate the entire South-Eastern Ukraine. …We don’t have a piece of it to take 100 years to stretch. This should happen in the next 10 years, then the Russian people will be reunited,” said Zhirinovsky.

Under the video there were comments of users.

“But the plus of this speech is great. About the language. Note to those for bilingualism in Ukraine”, “Roman, tell the old faggot that he is right about the language, so the Crimea was that, not forced to teach one state, and 20 years later received a separable. And the rest send it nah”, “Shoot someone this pogorelenko mutt!!!”, – commentators write.


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