Zimbabwe was hit by a deadly cyclone. Video

На Зимбабве обрушился смертоносный циклон. Видео

In recent days the death toll was 150.

Tropical cyclone “IDI” that struck the Central part of Mozambique on 15 March, claimed the lives of 150 people, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

According to local authorities, the element has destroyed some houses, bridges, it also happened to interruptions in electricity supply and destruction of roads.

Currently, more than 100 people are still missing.

UN agencies and Red Cross are helping in rescue operations, trying to deliver food and medicine to the victims by helicopter. Among the victims were two students who were among dozens trapped in the school dormitory after the fall of stones from the nearby mountains.

Military of Zimbabwe trying to save 197 other students in the school. But the conditions do not allow for air rescue operation, said the Ministry of information of the government.


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