Zinchenko scored a debut win at the head of the female national team of Ukraine

Зінченко здобула дебютну перемогу на чолі жіночої збірної України

Photo: FFU

In the control match within training camp, our team defeated the national team of Kosovo

On 9 November the national women’s team of Ukraine in the framework of the training camp, held in Turkey, played a friendly match against Kosovo.

In the starting lineup Ukrainians came three Debs – Tanya polyukhovych, Yana Derkach and Irina Podolsky, reports the press service of the football Federation of Ukraine.

Beginning of meeting expected was for wards Natalia Zinchenko. The first chance to score had Veronika Andrukhiv, but his shot managed zablokowali. But after a few minutes, the leader and captain of the Ukrainian national team Darya, Apanasenko opened the scoring in the match.

Before the break, the efforts of Irina Kochneva Ukrainian women managed once again to afflict the goalkeeper of the national team of Kosovo.

After the break, kosovari managed to requite one goal. Despite the missed ball, the yellow-blue confidently led the game, over and over again creating dangerous moments.

In one attack his debut goal scored by Yana Malakhova. And at the end of the game Veronika Andrukhiv brought the score to devastating – 4:1.

November 12, the national teams of Ukraine and Kosovo will hold another friendly match.

Friendly match women’s teams

Ukraine, Kosovo 4:1 (2:0)

Goals: Apanasenko, Kochneva, Malakhov, Andrukhiv.

Ukraine (starting lineup): Sanin, Kravets, Podolsky, Pantsulaia, Derkach, Kochneva, polyukhovich, Kunin, Ovdiychuk Andrukhiv, Apanasenko

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