Zlata ognevich first appeared with a baby: photos

Злата Огневич впервые появилась с младенцем: фото

yesterday, 19:38

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich presented the album “Power of generations”. As well as the album cover, which depicts a baby in her arms.

The new artist album consists of ten songs that Ukrainians know from childhood. . This “shchedryk” and “glory Dva” and “Muzichenko” and “Silent night”, and “Chom ti not priyshov” and many other songs. Especially for the new album Zlata ognevich withdrew from the baby, which symbolizes the beginning of the world and start a new life, which is very symbolic on the eve of New year and Christmas.

Злата Огневич впервые появилась с младенцем: фото

Zlata ognevich photo: press-service of the New channel

“If mi kotowali Tsey album I I poluchila score Shchedryk, I trade neimovirna, Bo TSE Bula my dityacha Mriya – zaspat .! Thank you talanovito the sound producer relta Mihailo Nekrasov for SKIN osoblivi track!” – commented on the release of the new album Zlata ognevich “Power pacolli”.

Release artist “Power pacolli” has already received positive feedback not only from fans of the actress, who called the album “eternal”, but also from music critics.

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