Zombies exist: a dead brain back to life

Scientists restored the cellular activity of the brain of a decapitated pig a few hours after death

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Зомби существуют: мертвый мозг вернули к жизни

Part of the pig brain revived after death

Medical advances annually demonstrate incredible results in the fight against disease or to prolong life and do not stop research in finding a way of immortality. After decades of unsuccessful attempts, finally a little progress in that direction – the science for the first time in history were able to revive a dead brain.

A team of neuroscientists at Yale University were able to “resurrect” the pig brain after 4 hours after death. This is a huge breakthrough in medicine and science. In modern medicine, living organism is believed to be dead after a few minutes after the heart stops because of lack of oxygen begin irreversible processes in the brain – neurons die off permanently.

For experiments was taken as the remains of pigs, obtained at the butcher’s. The University agreed to receive about 300 pigs, and then began experiments with the brain. Most of the material has not shown any electrical activity. However, if we consider the neurons individually, the researchers found weak activity is like a “border zone” between life and death.

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32 the most active from this point of view, the brain was placed in the apparatus BrainEx system simulating the work of the body. The machine is pumping synthetic blood substitute, delivering the cells oxygen, glucose and other essential nutrients.

From the time of slaughtering the animal before you can connect to BrainEx 4 hours, and after 6 hours the cells are “alive”: their activity did not differ from normal. They themselves consume oxygen and sugar, releasing carbon dioxide – that is, the metabolic process starts again. A microscopic examination showed that neurons in the higher parts, the hippocampus and the anterior cortex of the hemispheres, look healthy.

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The study authors emphasize that to speak about return to the brain consciousness before the coordinated activity of these brain is not shown. However, even the opportunity to return to individual cells ability to transmit a signal, ten hours after death is a great achievement. On this basis, we can find new ways of resuscitation and revise its valid time.

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We will remind that earlier in the human brain have discovered something incredible. The scientists also noted that have discovered a mysterious process in the human brain.

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