Zoom has greatly benefited from the social distancing

Zoom a largement bénéficié de la distanciation sociale

SAN FRANCISCO | Zoom confirmed expectations Tuesday, with financial results that are worthy of the hype surrounding the video-conferencing software during the “Great Confinement”.

From January to march, the california-based company has achieved a turnover increase of 169%, more than 328 million, and generated a profit of $ 27 million.

The measures of social distancing imposed during the outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed the communication between people, which have made massive use of the calls and video conferences.

The crisis of the sars coronavirus “has led to an increased demand for interactions and collaborations in a face-to-face and more,” said Eric Yuan, founder and owner of Zoom, in the statement of results.

“The different uses have grown considerably quickly, as people have built-in Zoom in their work, their education and their personal lives”, he added.

The interface has served to appointments, family, parts of the poker school classes, the yoga sessions or even business meetings.

Viewing it in “mosaic”, with all the faces of the participants, became a symbol of the containment, copied then by the giants of communication tools, from Facebook to Google, from Microsoft.

At the end of the first quarter, Zoom had approximately 265 400 paying customers, of companies with each with at least 10 employees — an increase of 354% compared to last year, according to the company, based in San Jose, in the Silicon Valley.

But not everything has been rosy for Zoom: the massive and sudden new users, has led to security problems and revealed defects in the management of confidential data.

The application has particularly suffered from the “Zoombombing”, the name given to the phenomenon of the intrusion of ill-intentioned people in video calls private.

The State of New York announced last month that they had reached an agreement with the group, which must accordingly improve the protection of the platform against the threats of cyber security.

This agreement has put an end to an investigation launched in march by the prosecutor of the State, Letitia James, on the flaws of the software.

Zoom has recently launched a charity foundation which has begun to make donations to local and international ngos, including the world health Organization.

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