2023, an eventful year for the Riposte association which acts on all fronts of precariousness in the Gard rhodanien and beyond

2023, an eventful year for the Riposte association which acts on all fronts of precariousness in the Gard rhodanien and beyond

The director of Riposte Jean-Luc Cortial and the head of Caarud since November, Ludmila Ottin, during the general assembly, Monday evening, in the premises of the social center, place Guy-Coutel. C. C. – FREE NOON

Removals, resumption of management of a social living space in Pont-Saint-Esprit, scope of specialized prevention action which could extend, health support, accommodation, integration,  etc., the association is in great demand.

The 29th general assembly of Riposte (interprofessional network of territorial social openness) took place Monday evening, in the new premises of the social center of the association, place Guy-Coutel, in presence of around thirty people, employees, members of the Board of Directors, representatives of the Department and the City of Pont-Saint-Esprit in the person of Eve Dorier, head of the Solidarity and School Affairs Center. Since last year, the association has taken over the management of the Pont-Saint-Esprit social life space, a project currently under construction with partners. In March, residents chose its name, L’Ancrerie, because "“It is a place of anchorage and a former printing press”.
As President Dominique Pagès indicated, the expansion of the network “does not have a hegemonic goal, the goal is to help as much as possible the populations who need it most. Listening, support and otherness are the common thread of the network. The questions we ask ourselves: “Where is the precariousness” ? The great precariousness ? And what can we do ?”.

< h2 class="txt-int" > < em > 3 887 visits to the day center

< p >The figures summarized the substantial work accomplished by the Riposte team in 2023, while preparing for moves and their associated challenges. The keys to the historic premises on rue Juiverie were returned on January 1, 2024, the services now each have their own geographical entity. "Removals which mobilized us greatly" underlined director Jean-Luc Cortial.
The social center (18,000 hours of work in 2023) whose missions are reception, accommodation and integration manages eight systems, with 750 different types of support, as indicated in the preamble by the head of the service, Guillaume Marion. The day center has 3,887 visits, and 240 people live in Riposte. For emergency accommodation, "we accommodate following a redirection from 115 managed by the Red Cross in the department." The average length of stay is six months and"Upon exit, 50 % of people in a successful housing integration process have a lasting housing solution". Also note, "no return home for each of the women victims of domestic violence". Half of the 27 female victims supported in 2023 found independent housing. 28 Ukrainians were welcomed "with great difficulties linked to lack of resources, the impossibility of professional integration with the language barrier". The social center also manages a family pension "really dynamic" of twelve places, "the project is under reconstruction with the articulation of animation times".


The Caarud (Reception and support center for risk reduction for drug users, which moved to Avenue Salengro) counts "1 519 passages, by 123 people including 21 first welcomes" summarized the new manager Ludmila Ottin. Among its prerogatives, access to care, guidance, creating social bonds…hellip; Caarud participates in the syringe exchange program, "an order from the ARS". "We went to explain to the pharmacists, giving them free kits. 39 are partners, that’s significant. We will continue and raise awareness of risk reduction tools." Le Caarud continues its interventions in a festive environment, "the’ARS has entrusted us with a perimeter of 200 km, we intervene at the end bottom of Vaucluse and Ardèche". The team is considering reducing the size of this perimeter to be more present in the Rhone Gard.
On the specialized Prevention side, aimed at young people, there were "many meetings, particularly through 40 leisure projects. Our question for the years to come, how to reach young girls ?", shared Ludmila Ottin. "The Department asked us for an extension of this service, extending the authorization from Roquemaure to Pont-Saint-Esprit. We made proposals", added the director.
Finally, the anchoring of Riposte in Escanaux, via the social center, "allows us to consolidate partnerships with neighboring actors".

A support and access to health center

For health mediation, the service directed by by Margot Vaquié accompaniedé 137 people. Half does not have an attending physician. 68% express the need for psychological support, 50% live in unsanitary housing. "We identify on average five obstacles per person accompanied, indicates Margot Vaquié. There is essential network work." Interviews with people, facilitating their health journey and encourage collective actions (workshops, meetings), that’s it! the missions of this device. As for the health listening point system, 54 victims of violence were contacted. accompanied and guided. The two systems (mediation and listening) will become one and the same support and access hub. health.

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