2023 taxes: what are your risks if you forgot to declare your income before June 6 ?

Since Thursday June 6, 2024, throughout France, it is too late to declare your income on time. In the event of forgetting, solutions exist, even if it is difficult to escape penalties.

The last departments concerned by the income tax declaration had until June 6 to complete the process. Oversights expose taxpayers to sanctions.

"If you declare your income late, you will have to pay penalties, an increase in your taxes and possibly late payment interest", asks the Public Service website.

Possible increases

The tax administration has put in place a system of progressive increase of income tax. In principle, if you complete your declaration after the deadline but before receiving a formal notice, the increase is 10%.

Things become more complicated afterwards: after receipt of the formal notice, the increase is 20%, subject to declaring within 30 days . If applicable, the penalty rate will rise to 40%.

In the event of so-called activity"occult", as undeclared or illicit work, an increase of 80% will be imposed on you, without prior notice.

To the increases will be added late payment interest, set at 0.20% per month.

Good faith and exceptions

It is possible to avoid these increases, subject to proving good faith. By requesting a "gracious discount" from the Ministry of the Economy and hoping to get into the good graces of Bercy. In all cases, it is strongly recommended to demonstrate transparency and responsiveness. 

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Since 2020, in the absence of declaration, households eligible for automatic declaration do not risk increases. The fact that their income is sent automatically allows them to avoid it, but it is recommended to check them in advance, in order to avoid errors.

People affected by the wealth tax cannot, however, benefit from this facility.

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