2024 taxes: here are the boxes to check to save money on your tax return

From Thursday April 11, it will be possible to complete your tax return online. Here are the boxes to check to benefit from certain advantages.

A key moment for French taxpayers, the tax declaration campaign opens on April 11. On this date, it will therefore be possible to complete your declaration online at impots.gouv.fr.

If this is your case, there are solutions to optimize your declaration and thus reduce the tax bill, in terms of the structure of your tax household.

If you are parents, you can register your minor children in sole custody under box F. The first two children give you an additional half share, and from the third, a full share. If you have minor children in alternate custody, mention it in box H .

Keeping an adult child in your tax home

Although adults are normally taxable personally, it is possible to keep an adult child in their tax home if they meet one of the following two conditions:

he was under 21 years old on January 1 of year n-1 (i.e. on January 1, 2020 for the 2021 declaration on 2020 income, he was less than 25 years old and was still a student on January 1 of year n-1 or December 31 of year n-1.

This additional half-share allows you to benefit from a tax reduction linked to the family quotient capped at 1 570 € per additional half share. In this case it will be necessary to check the box J. The box L, as for she is aimed at single people without children, having had a child taxed separately or died after the age of 16. Checking this box can result in savings of up to 1,050 euros in 2024.< /p>

Single parents

For beneficiaries of a war widow's pension, box G allows an increase in the number of shares. This box should also be checked if you have sole responsibility for a disabled minor or adult child. This option entitles you to an additional half share.

Single parents, single or divorced, will be able to check the box T . In the event of full-time care, single parent status will allow you to benefit from an additional half share. In the event of joint custody, an additional quarter of a share.

If your child is dependent on you, you can benefit from a tax reduction for tuition fees. The amount of the tax reduction varies depending on your child’s level of study: it amounts to 61 euros for a child attending college, 153  euros for a high school child and 183 euros tax reduction for a child continuing their studies in higher education. To benefit from it, you will need to check boxes 7EA to 7EG.

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