2024 taxes: why you need to file your return regardless of your income ?

2024 taxes: why you need to file your return regardless of your income ?

Même avec de faibles revenus, il faut déclarer. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Mourad ALLILI

From April, the taxpayer will have to complete their tax return. Even the lowest incomes who do not pay tax must do so, in order to receive a notice of non-taxation.

Spring arrives and with it the traditional tax return. In the coming weeks, you will have to prepare to report everything you collect to the tax authorities, under penalty of sanctions, reminds the site of Public Service. Even if you declare income, you will not necessarily have to pay taxes.

Who pays taxes?

Aid, scholarships, salaries, alimony… all income must be declared to the tax authorities, under penalty of surcharges in the event of delay or penalties in the event of forgetting. An increase of 80% may apply in the event of deliberate fraud.

The tax threshold is the amount from which a single person will have to pay taxes from their income. In 2024, this threshold is set at 17 133 euros, reports Capital. Furthermore, up to 11,294 euros received, a person is not taxed at 0%, and therefore owes nothing to the tax authorities.

The lowest income received by adult children attached to their parents' tax household is not to be declared. This is the case for internship allowances and apprentice salaries up to a limit of 18,760 euros. This also concerns the salaries of students under 26 linked to "jobs"made during school holidays of less than 4 690 euros. Any excess must be declared, such as income linked to professionalization contracts.

Should I declare?

"If you are not taxable, you must still make a declaration to receive a notice of non-taxation"< /em>, sets up the site of Public Service.

All adults must declare their income, unless they are not attached to their own tax household. This is for example the case of young adults who are often linked to the tax residence of their parents.

They can be up to the age of 21 in general and up to 25 years of age if they are pursuing studies. In this case, they will have to mention their child's income in their declaration.

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