39 coins, 37 magnets: but what was this man doing with all this hardware in his body ?

39 coins, 37 magnets: but what was this man doing with all this hardware in his body ?

A 26-year-old man found with dozens of coins and magnets in his body. (drawing) MAXPPP – Yves Regaldi

In a hospital in New Delhi in India, doctors discovered several dozen coins but also dozens of magnets in the body of a 26-year-old man.

Unbelievable but true. A young man, aged 26, was operated on in India in a hospital in New Delhi, after he ingested 39 coins and 37 magnets, reports the New York Post. By the way, the doctors' operation went well, but the reason for the young man's action is surprising.

"Zinc helps with bodybuilding"

The x-rays taken before the operation surprised the entire medical staff at the Sir Ganga Ram health establishment. We can see large and numerous metal pieces in the intestines of this twenty-year-old. 

In total, no less than 39 coins and 37 magnets were found in his body. If he decided to swallow all this, it was because he thought that "le zinc helps with bodybuilding". Indeed, he thought being able to absorb the zinc from these materials would contribute to these physical performances.

These "food supplements" were taken, in addition to treatment for a psychiatric illness, for several weeks, before the young man showed symptoms. Abdominal pain and vomiting for more than 20 days pushed him to go to the emergency room. 

If all the metals were finally eliminated from his body and the operation was carried out successfully, the 26-year-old man stayed for a week at the hospital before leaving.

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