400,000 volt line between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer: consultation begins

400,000 volt line between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer: consultation begins

La ligne partira de Fos-sur-Mer pour arriver à Jonquières-Saint-Vincent.

Pas encore l'enquête publique pour l'installation de cette ligne à très haute tension entre Fos et Jonquières-Saint-Vincent, mais une phase de concertation avec des réunions et des ateliers où chacun peut s'exprimer. 

"This project is essential: it will allow the decarbonization of the Fos-sur-Mer area and secure the electricity supply of the region", declares Christophe Berassen, director of the RTE (Electricity Transmission Network) development and engineering center for the Mediterranean region (Paca and ex-LR).& nbsp;

The creation of a 400,000 volt double-circuit overhead power line between the Feuillane substation in Fos-sur-Mer and that of Jonquières-Saint-Vincent (already existing) is entering a new phase, that of consultation. For 8 weeks, from this Monday, February 12 until April 7, the network manager, RTE, is organizing a series of meetings and workshops. "Consultation began more than a year ago, with consular chambers, elected officials, associations, the new stage which is underway is that of public consultation" quot;, continues the director who already mentions 150 meetings which made it possible to determine the study area. Exchanges which, however, did not convince the Beaucaire municipal council which, unanimously, voted for a motion opposing the project.

400,000 volt line between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer: consultation begins

Two zones, east and west, are studied with (in green) transversal possibilities.

The area but not the "preferential path" : it will now be necessary to define "the zone of least impact". Two zones, an Eastern hypothesis and a Western hypothesis, with transversal options, are under study. The line will extend over more or less 65 km and will also strengthen the current electricity network."Our network is old, it dates from the 70s-80s and we know that by 2030, our consumption will double. The Paca region is also in a structural deficit of ;electricity. We must both increase our production and secure it while working on our sobriety" summarizes Christophe Berassen.

400,000 volt line between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer: consultation begins

Christophe Berassen, director of the development and engineering center at RTE. DR

After the consultation phase, an investigating commissioner will write a summary of the public's observations and proposals which he will transmit to the coordinating prefect. RTE will then indicate the measures they consider necessary to respond to the consultation, the different proposals will be compared and proposed to the prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône and the minister. Once the route has been determined, it will be the subject of a public inquiry, probably in 2025, and therefore a declaration of public utility. The commissioning of the line is planned for 2028. 

Meetings and workshops, in Jonquières and Bellegarde

Two public meetings are organized, on February 15 é Jonquières-Saint-Vincent, à 6 p.m., at the sociocultural center, 6 rue St-Laurent, then April 4 & Fos-sur-Mer, à 6 p.m., à la Maisonde la mer, they can be followed on the site rte-france.com/creation-ligne-fos-jonquieres où you should also register. Four thematic workshops are also scheduled, March 6 at Bellegarde, à 6 p.m., Les Cigales room, March 14, & Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, à the Marcel-Pagnol room à 6 p.m., March 19 à Fourques, à the auditorium of the 2 Rhônes, rue Etienne-Courlas, and on March 21 & 6 p.m., at the Pôle des services publics, 11 rue Parmentier à  Arles.

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