A beautiful cat story, a mayor who goes back into battle, a crazy abrivado: the essential news in the region

A beautiful cat story, a mayor who goes back into battle, a crazy abrivado: the essential news in the region

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Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l'essentiel de l'actualité sur midilibre.fr. 

The truck driver found his cat 800 km…

#HERAULT. Maya, a cat belonging to Marco, a truck driver from the North, got into the wrong truck when a stop in Saint-Jean-de-Védas at the end of January. Found in Loire-Atlantique, the animal has finally returned home. When Marco realized that his cat had escaped, he looked for it in vain. "I called until 4 a.m. – 4:30 a.m.".

After going back to the North, he returned to Hérault, where he looked for his pet for three days, without success. Internet users moved by his story offer to host him. A pot is opened to pay for travel between the North and the South, and 500 euros are collected. It was finally nine days after its disappearance that the feline was found: "I received a phone call from the Saint-Brevin-les-Pins veterinary clinic " says the owner. "A lady had picked up Maya from her garage". The animal probably jumped from the truck it was in.

Mayor and candidate for re-election

#PONT-SAINT-ESPRIT.  While new municipal elections must be organized following numerous resignations within the municipal council, the current mayor confirms to Midi Libre her intention to run again. "I will be head of the list and candidate. I want to continue to be mayor to be proud of making this city grow, we have been working hard on it for years, says Claire Lapeyronie, elected official in 2018.

"I do not want to leave the 8th city of Gard in the hands of the extreme right which plays on fears and does not bring concrete solutions for people. In an anxiety-provoking context, my role and that of my team is to reassure. We are there nearby. The locals know me."

The beach shelter is full of audiences and scares

#THE-GRAU-DU-ROI.  Big crowds and big scares at the sheltered beaches, this Saturday. The big demonstration featuring ten herds, as usual, attracted tens of thousands of spectators. Firefighters intervened eleven times, including four times for people hit by animals.

No serious diagnosis, but evacuations to the Nîmes University Hospital. The president of the RN, Jordan Bardella was on site this year, a presence which annoyed local elected officials. "This monopolization annoys me. In the defense of Camargue traditions, there are those who act and those who agitate, underlined Mayor Robert Crauste. 

Disturbing disappearance of a forty-year-old woman

#AVEYRON. This Friday, March 1, Sandra Lacombe left her home in Montbazens in her light gray Volkswagen Touran vehicle (registered FC-304-RT). Since then, his family has had no news. An investigation has been opened. A call for witnesses has been broadcast. "42 years old, Sandra Lacombe is 1.65 m tall, of normal build, brown hair and Caucasian type", indicates the authorities. "She would be in possession of her handbag, but without her cell phone". For information, contact 05 65 64 71 16 or 17.

Today's figure: 9,000

#AGDE. Laurent Uroz, 56, a former city photographer, has taken on an ambitious challenge: connecting the Languedoc coast to China by bike. It's been almost six months since he left."I've already traveled 9,000 km and twelve countries.". For the moment, Slovenia and Montenegro are his two favorites. He also has excellent memories of his time in Türkiye. For five weeks, he has been crossing Iran at a rate of 60 to 70 km per week.

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