A “continuous” program for the Pont list first, that of the mayor candidate in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

A “continuous” program for the Pont list first, that of the mayor candidate in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

Part of the Pont team first: Céline Rosello, Hervé Ginot (deputy in charge of major projects and heritage), Eddy Termini (deputy in charge of communication and businesses), Claire Lapeyronie (mayor), the first Deputy Daniel Mouchetant, and Gilles Beaudet (municipal councilor in charge of finance), presented the Pont d'abord program on Tuesday April 16. C.B.

Six running mates from Pont d’abord, a list led by the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit Claire Lapeyronie, presented on Tuesday April 16 their program for the early municipal election on April 28 and 5 ;nbsp;May.

Tuesday April 16, Claire Lapeyronie, mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and candidate for re-election for the early municipal election on April 28 and May 5, was surrounded by five running mates from Pont first, including four elected officials, to present their program. A collective displayed with members of its current municipal team, which echoes their desire to show that the proposed program is "in the continuity of the work we are carrying out for six years" underlined Claire Lapeyronie in the preamble.

Each in turn, the candidates focused on a point of the program – safety, cleanliness, well-being, development, roads… –, emphasizing "financial consolidation" of the city which will allow these projects to be carried out. "We have sound and reasonable management which allows us to consider our program calmly, without increasing the debt" specified Gilles Beaudet, current municipal councilor in charge of finances.

Safety and cleanliness

Thus, the Pont d’first program highlights the projects undertaken by the municipal team, with short and medium-term achievements. Daniel Mouchetant, first deputy responsible for security, listed different levers to improve cleanliness and security, "two problems that concern everyone& quot; : recruitment of agents, strengthening of the video surveillance fleet (2 cameras in addition to the current 53), strengthening of the "Citizen participation"… & ;nbsp;"On the incentive fee, we are working with the Gard Rhone agglomeration to find solutions and improve collection.  There are still 400 households who have not collected their badge" for collective supply points.

Another sensitive subject, health, in a town of 10,700 inhabitants where there is only one general practitioner left. Claire Lapeyronie, who is also a regional advisor, recalled that next September, two doctors employed by the Occitanie Region will settle in Pont-Saint-Esprit, before the opening of the hospital. a health center, in the first half of 2026, in a new hospital building "with five consultation rooms".

Pool renovation

Pont first also thinks "about well-being" of all generations, with several projects to come: the renovation of the swimming pool next winter – 600,000 euros will be devoted to it – , the renovation of the sports complex, the creation of green spaces, an air-conditioned room in each school or even the sports hall of the future college which will be open to associations… ; "We are going to set up activities for young people and seniors" also announced running mate Céline Rosello.

Gilles Beaudet insisted on the transformation of the Hôtel-Dieu, which will accommodate housing, businesses, a senior residence, a public park…hellip ; a whole new district, whose layout and name will be decided "in consultation with the Spiripontains".

Creation of a farmers’ market

Developments also planned, that of Place Saint-Pierre, and Place de la République with its alleys. "We are going to harmonize the terraces, and put in street furniture and vegetation" informs Eddy Termini, deputy in charge of communications and commerce. Green spaces, activities with traders and associations, creation of a local producers' market are all proposals to "bring our city to life&amp ;quot;.

A city in which "the roads will be renovated, a cycle route created" et who will work with the Region and the Agglomeration to have "more trains and urban shuttles".

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