A day to discover the actions carried out in the Mosaïque social centers in Bagnols

A day to discover the actions carried out in the Mosaïque social centers in Bagnols

Bénévoles et salariés du centre social Passerelles, dont le nouveau directeur Colin Hulot, mercredi 31 janvier pour une journée de découverte du centre social. C.B.

Mercredi 31 janvier, une journée de découverte a été organisée au centre social les Passerelle sur Cèze à Bagnols-sur-Cèze, dans le cadre d'une action nationale.

"Today is a special day at the social center!". Wednesday January 31, Colin Hulot, new deputy director of the Mosaïque en Cèze association (alongside the director Stéphanie Ranc and the president of the association Vincent Poutier) and director of the social center Les Passerelles sur Cèze, and his team welcomed residents of the Escanaux district for a day of discovery of the actions carried out by the social center. "The MosaÏque association manages two social centers, with 17 employees and volunteers" he specifies. 

"This day is held within the framework of the federation of social centers which calls for vigilance from public authorities on the usefulness and fragility of social centers in France" explains the director of Passerelles. "We are in solidarity with the federation, but in Bagnols we have unfailing support from our partners – CAF, city, department, city or state. They are very committed" notes Colin Hulot who managed a social center in the Lille region. "Here, we also have quite a few very committed volunteers" he likes. 

Wednesday morning, the Passerelles team went to meet the residents of Escanaux to invite them to stop by the social center in the afternoon to discover its resources. "A social center is based on three pillars: service, citizenship and the general interest" explains the director.

"It's essential to have a social center in the neighborhood"

Without forgetting the welcome inside and outside the premises. Two mediators are also responsible for meeting young people and adults in the neighborhood. "It's essential to have a social center in the neighborhood and it's more and more so" underlines Jamila, mediator.

Marie, facilitator, knows that with her work, she “makes people want to get involved, to meet each other. We support them so that they act on their own, so that they are autonomous. It's popular education. Like Yamina, a volunteer at Passerelles after working there. "I suggest things, people come to see me" smiles this resident of Escanaux who hosts the locals' café once a week. "The social center allows you to share moments, to get information, to do things…".


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