A dramaturgical trilogy on the third district of Hérault

A dramaturgical trilogy on the third district of Hérault

Les candidats de la 3e circonscription de l'Hérault : Flavio Dalmau (écologiste indépendant), Fanny Dombre-Coste (NFP), Serge Gachon (Lutte ouvrière), Laurence Cristol (Ensemble) et Lauriane Troise (RN). Manque Babeth Segura (Reconquête) Midi Libre

The RN will have difficulty in this territory where the outgoing Macronist will also have to fight on the left. Uncertain result between now and July 7, between three parties who are playing to win.

So the outgoing (outgoing, more precisely) bonus or not ? Of the nine constituencies of Hérault, how many will escape the RN on the evening of July 7  nbsp;?

The RN big winner of the Europeans…

The 2nd seems promised to the LFI Nathalie Oziol. And after ? This third circo is a Macronist stronghold. And yet on the evening of the European elections, the RN was indeed in the lead (27.54%), ahead of the PS (18.22%) and Ensemble only 3rd (14.78%) . Better: out of the 31 municipalities in this territory, which goes from Montpellier, Castelnau, Montferrier to Lunellois, the extreme right finished in the lead in 27 municipalities, with 47% in Villetelle, 43%; nbsp;% in Saturargues. In short, Castelnau, Jacou, Teyran, Clapiers, and of course Baillargues, Vendargues, Saint-Brès…, the National Rally did not go far from the grand slam. And yet for the legislative elections, the situation could be quite different.

But a completely different duel for the legislative elections ?

If 27 of the 31 municipalities have put the RN well in place in the European elections, in terms of votes, it is not at all the same thing, this is due to the weight of the Montpellier offices on the constituency. In short, for the legislative elections, nothing is decided, especially since this election is much more embodied, personalized. The name and figure of the candidate will count this time on June 30 and July 1. What then of the RN candidate, the very discreet regional councilor, Lauriane Troise, present in 2017 ? On the other hand, for these legislative elections, the outgoing deputy, Laurence Cristol, will of course be more in fashion. Elected in an uncertain duel against the very red EELV Julia Mignacca (53% vs 47% after a first round in a handkerchief) will the candidate of the presidential majority pay for the rejection of Emmanuel Macron ? This will be the key to the vote because she herself was very active in Paris, invested in the law on aging well and the bill on the end of life. From then on, will her main opponent be on the far right (Lauriane Troise) or on the left. And the extreme left, moreover, since the two are marching together…

A match between (im)moderates ?

Facing her, the outgoing candidate will find Fanny Dombre-Coste, first deputy mayor of Montpellier, elected MP here in 2012, ousting Jean-Pierre Grand, before taking the Macronian tide in 2017. In this territory, considering the weight of the CSP +, seeing the RN win (which is moreover parasitized by an unknown Reconquête candidate) would be a surprise. The 2024-2029 MP should therefore emerge from the Cristol-Dombre-Coste confrontation. Both highlight the alternative they represent. Fanny Dombre-Coste wants to give hope between the extreme right and a (very) unpopular President of the Republic. Laurence Cristol, for her part, positions herself as the only moderate option between two extremes. The campaign will be short but intense.

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