A fifty-year-old found stabbed in Bouches-du-Rhône

A fifty-year-old found stabbed in Bouches-du-Rhône

Les gendarmes de la section de recherches de Marseille sont chargés de l'enquête. ILLLUSTRATION H.R.

Le cadavre d'un quinquagénaire a été retrouvé ce mardi 5 mars dans un logement situé à Cabannes dans les Bouches-du-Rhône

An investigation was entrusted to the Marseille research section after the discovery on Tuesday March 5 of the body of a fifty-year-old in an apartment located in Cabannes in Bouches -du-Rhône, town located between Tarascon (13) and Avignon (84).

Tied up at home

The first elements suggest that it was intentional homicide. The victim appears to have traces of bladed weapons and was tied up at his home. The death could date back to the night of Sunday to Monday, we learned this Tuesday evening.

When contacted, the Tarascon public prosecutor's office, headed by Laurent Gumbau, confirmed the opening of an investigation and the discovery of a corpse. Criminal identification technicians intervened on the scene to make initial findings, as did local gendarmes.

The criminal nature of the discovery of the body would have led the Tarascon public prosecutor's office to entrust the case to specialized investigators from the Marseille research section. An autopsy could be carried out in the coming hours to determine the exact causes of death.

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