A former member of the Catalan Dragons and the Union Bègles-Bordeaux at the MHB

A former member of the Catalan Dragons and the Union Bègles-Bordeaux at the MHB

Frédéric Marcérou et Julien Deljarry, samedi matin, lors de la signature du contrat. MHB

Le staff du Montpellier Handball est complet. Samedi, Frédéric Marcérou, l'ancien préparateur physique des Dragons catalans (XIII) et de l'UBB (Top 14) a signé son contrat.

The next Montpellier Handball staff is now complete. After Erick Mathé, who will succeed Patrice Canayer next summer as head coach, Baptiste Nicot, his assistant knighted on February 26, Frédéric Marcérou signed a contract on Saturday current over four seasons. At 42, he will be the new physical trainer of the MHB in place of Benjamin Floris.

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Frédéric Marcérou is a big name in the industry. He notably worked with the Diables Rouges de Montpellier (rugby league, 2008-2012), the Dragons Catalans (2012-2016) and the Union Bordeaux-Bègles (2017- 2022), in Top 14. However, this will be his first experience in handball.

"A legendary club"

Contacted by a leading national rugby union team, but also by Usap, the former Staps student in Montpellier (2004-2008) therefore preferred this new "challenge" unpublished. “I didn't really plan to come back to a club full time,” he admits. But I love handball and when a legendary club like MHB contacts you, you listen. It cannot be refused."

Beyond the professional qualities of the former treiziste (in Lézignan), the president of the club, Julien Deljarry, liked the speech:  " I was looking for boys who want to sign up for the long term, who want to wear the Montpellier Handball jersey."

Erick Marthé, Baptiste Nicot, Frédéric Marcérou, add Alain Carmand (the historic physiotherapist), Andrew Kinselle (the team manager) and Jérome Diaz (the link with the young people at the training center): no doubt , the MHB (2024-2028) is in working order 

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