A former Trump bass player in the Cévennes, anticipated sea strikes, reinforcements in the courts: the main news in the region

A former Trump bass player in the Cévennes, anticipated sea strikes, reinforcements in the courts: the main news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité en région sur midilibre.fr.

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, l’essentiel de l’actualité en région sur midilibre.fr.

L’ex of Trust en Cévennes

#GARD. Frédéric Guillemets spends the majority of his time in his house in the Cévennes. He was briefly the bassist of Trust, legendary French hard-rock group, author of the song Antisocial. "Trust, it was a great moment in my life, something unforgettable."

A piece of life marked by packed concerts at Paris-Bercy and meetings with big stars like Iron Maiden. He never stopped playing, especially with Johnny. Arriving in the Cévennes in 2017, he is now working on the composition of his own album.

Predicting sea waves

#FRONTIGNAN. A new device called GardIAn, a play on words with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been set up to predict sea waves. an eight-meter mast, three cameras film, continuously, over a width of 300 m and a depth of one kilometer, the movements of the sea and sand.

All this data is saved. They will then be put through the mill of an artificial intelligence algorithm which will make the links between all the parameters for 18 months. At the end of this training, GardIAn will be able to predict storms six days out. The tool will allow you to know the strength of the upcoming sea surges and their possible damage.

Iman expelled: town hall and mosque in conflict

#BAGNOLS-SUR-CÈZE. The At-waba mosque where Mahjoub Mahjoubi officiated, the iman expelled on the 22nd  last February is linked by a long lease to the town hall. The first councilor will propose, this Tuesday, April 2, to the municipal council to terminate it. Between the town hall and the association of Muslims of Rhone Gard (AMGN) relations are no longer good. Jean-Yves Chapelet believes that the mission entrusted to the AMGR "has been the subject of repeated serious failings".

For its part, the association claims to have sidelined the iman from the association as soon as this affair was revealed. The office indicates that the words of the former imam are his own responsibility and pleads with the mayor for an amicable solution. "Otherwise we will refer the matter to the administrative court" declares Rachid Alloul, member of the association’s office. Contacted, the mayor did not wish to speak before the municipal council.

The number of the day: 2 500

#GARD/LOZÈRE. 2 500 tonnes of rocks fell on the RN106 between Florac and Alès, this Monday 1st& nbsp;April while heavy rains fell on the Cévennes since Saturday. The road was cut off to traffic, with a large rock also threatening to collapse onto the road. Heavy goods vehicles must take the A75, light vehicles pass through the center of Florac. Clearing should last 48 hours.

Reinforcements in the courts

#OCCITANIE. The announcements of the massive recruitment plan for justice, detailed on March 28 by the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti, should come to fruition by 2027 in all courts in our region.
With a significant impact: in Hérault alone, we should see the arrival of 33 additional magistrates, 23 clerks and 28 judicial assistants, distributed in the judicial courts of Montpellier and Béziers, and at the court of ;rsquo;call. In Gard, 22 magistrates and 30 clerks will be assigned to the courts of Alès, Nîmes and the court of appeal. Apart from that of Montpellier, it is the judicial court of Perpignan, with its saturated activity, which sees the most numerous reinforcements assigned, with 10 magistrates, eight clerks and eight judicial assistants.

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