A Gard brasserie chosen to serve as a filming location for the TF1 series “Here it all begins”

A Gard brasserie chosen to serve as a filming location for the TF1 series “Here it all begins”

Simon Salert, in front of the staircase with exposed stones, future setting of the series. Midi Libre – Correspondent

For four days, in Aimargues, the entire technical team and actors from the series will take over the La France brasserie, in Aimargues.

The Le France brasserie, owned by Simon and Sandrine Salert, is hosting the filming of several episodes of the TF1 series  Here it all begins.

"From Monday January 15, the brasserie will be closed, the bar and the restaurant included, explains Simon Salert, the manager of the series came to lunch here, the places appealed to him because of their authenticity, he m& #39;asked for filming permission and I said yes. For example, the old chairs from the bar will be used for filming as well as the stairwell with the exposed stones. We will reopen on Friday January 19, for the bar only and in the evening."

"They were looking for a typical setting"

These are four episodes which will be filmed over four days, on the terrace, in the dining room on the first floor and in the kitchen of this Aimargues establishment. The series takes place in a catering school, the film crew arrives with their complete equipment, with the actors and technicians. The imposing trucks will occupy Place Montredon and the adjacent streets.

Simon continues: "I sympathized with the team who came to scout the locations, they were looking for a setting corresponding to their scenario, that of' a new restaurant typical of the Camargue region. There will be no participation on my part, they come with their own actors and speakers. A plus for the brewery that this prestigious series will highlight."

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