A Gardois man sentenced for running over the foot of his ex-partner, who risks amputation three years later

A Gardois man sentenced for running over the foot of his ex-partner, who risks amputation three years later

The hearing took place at the Alès criminal court. Midi Free – ALEXIS BETHUNE

After picking up his children, the driver drove off too quickly and ran over the foot of his children's mother. Three years after the events that occurred in Quissac, he appeared before the Alès court.

In a particularly tense context of separation, with several complaints filed on both sides, relations between the parents are strained.

On July 10, 2021, in Quissac, the day the children were handed over to the father, Cindy tied the youngest of her daughters (7 years old at the time of the events) to the back of the vehicle. The eldest (11 years old) rides in the front. The mother closes the door and walks up to the driver from whom she asks the time and place to pick up the children. Jean-Patrick doesn't respond, he starts abruptly and runs over his ex's foot.

Amputation of the foot considered

The mother is severely injured; she is issued 45 days of temporary work interruption (ITT) by the medical examiner.

At the bar of the Alès criminal court, this Friday, April 26, the woman, still in a wheelchair, testifies: "He started with the driver's door still open. I still had my hand on the handle, I fell and my foot went under the wheel."

Three years after the events, the victim's future is uncertain. She can no longer work or play sports. Walking is impossible for him. Today, she uses a wheelchair. Amputation of the injured limb is even considered…

An open judicial investigation

A judicial investigation is opened, at the end of which the man is indicted for involuntary injuries.
The father gives his version of the facts: "She tied the little one behind, then she came up to me. She opened my door, I closed it and went first. I heard the little ones screaming; I stopped immediately."

The lawyers of the two parties have an antagonistic analysis of the case. For one, "the father refuses any dialogue. When Cindy told him about getting the kids back, he didn't respond and drove away." For the other tip, < em>"the mother always places herself as a victim, fueled by her parents. She exploits the children and maintains the conflict."

Two versions for a decision

The prosecution considers "that even with two different versions, certain facts are constant ; It was the action of the driver that caused the damage. He drives off while the woman is still near the vehicle. He therefore did not take the usual precautions."

As a result, the father is sentenced to 3 000 € fine and to pay 4,000 euros; to the civil party.

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