A helping hand for entrepreneurs in Béziers with the CCI Hérault

A helping hand for entrepreneurs in Béziers with the CCI Hérault

Plus de 40 interlocuteurs seront présents lors de la Féria des entrepreneurs. Midi Libre – Rodrigue Delpas

Ce mardi 4 juin, de 8 h à 16 h, se tiendra la 19e édition de la Féria des entrepreneurs au palais des congrès de Béziers.

Tuesday, June 4, at the Palais des Congrès in Béziers, the 19th edition of the Entrepreneurs' Fair will take place. In partnership with the City of Béziers and the Béziers Méditerranée agglomeration, the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) of Hérault brings together all the players in entrepreneurship in one and same place.

"Encouraging the creation of businesses"

"We would like to once again put the creation of businesses in the spotlight here, explains André Deljarry, president of the CCI of Hérault. The goal is to encourage business creation in our territory. Then, to support them, which we achieve successfully: the sustainability rate of the companies we support is 70%, it is 50% for those who do not call on us ."

A department which is already showing dynamism in the entrepreneurship sector, as the figures show. Recently, Hérault celebrated the registration of its 100,000th company. A "real leap" was made in this sector. Of these 100,000, a little more than a quarter are registered in Béziers (25,700). In 2023, 3,379 were registered in Biterrois.

For this entrepreneurs' fair, the program is rich with four highlights (see below). There will be more than forty speakers, from very varied sectors, to guide entrepreneurs in quest for information.

Making individual appointments

"When you do this job, it is important to build relationships, to exchange, to communicate a lot, underlines André Deljarry. During this event, it is possible to make individual appointments with specialists who will be able to provide guidance."

An essential passage for all people wishing to create their own business according to Robert Ménard, the mayor of Béziers and president of the Agglomeration: "La féria des entrepreneurs brings together all the people who are essential when creating a business, he explains. Anyone who is usually difficult to meet will be at your disposal for a day."

The program

8 h 30 : "Entrepreneurship journey", to chat with 3 business leaders.

9:30 a.m.: Inauguration.

10 h 30 : Workshop "Creation versus Business takeover", common points and differences between the steps. With the CCI Hérault and BGE Ouest Hérault.

11 h 30 : Workshop "Impôts, Urssaf, even not afraid !", for change your outlook and build another relationship. With the DDFIP of Hérault, URSSAF Languedoc Roussillon.

14 h : Workshop "Network : quésaco ?", why join a r  Economical bucket and how to choose it? With Medef Béziers, CPME Hérault, Cref, Dynabuy and testimonials from ;entrepreneurs.

Tuesday June 4, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the convention center. More information on https://www.herault.cci.fr/evenement/feria-des-entrepreneurs-2024. I subscribe to read more

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