A job dating for people with disabilities was held in Bagnols, “we must promote this public and raise awareness among companies”

A job dating for people with disabilities was held in Bagnols, “we must promote this public and raise awareness among companies”

Une quinzaine de stands étaient installés pour la matinée job-dating. Midi Libre

The event was organized by France Travail and Cap emploi this Monday April 29 at the multicultural room in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Local businesses, training centers and service providers were attentive to people with disabilities.

The France Travail and Cap emploi teams organized this Monday April 29 morning the first job dating for job seekers with disabilities at the Bagnols multicultural room- sur-Cèze. "The idea is to raise awareness among companies, explains Marie-Eve Bermuchez, team leader France Work at the Bagnols agency. We must not stop at disability and preconceived ideas. This job-dating morning made it possible to promote this type of audience. It’s a real opportunity to show yourself. The first feedback is very positive."

Mechanisms to support job seekers

Local companies, two training centers and service providers held stands. "We did not wish to join. stop only at recruitment. There are support devices that are still too little known."There is in particular the "Health employment pathway" supported by the Accompagnement Diversité Réhabilitation Handicap (ADRH) association. This new system was created in 2022 and helps support job seekers who encounter health issues in their professional integration journey. "In general, people are registered by France Travail advisors. We carry out a global diagnosis which allows us to identify the levers for a return to employment, explains Rachel Lovato, professional integration advisor. We generally receive people in great difficulty, very far from employment."

Support is provided weekly and lasts "between 4 and 6 months". At the end of this health employment course, the objective is to lead to a professional project, recognition as a disabled worker (RQTH) or sick leave. Since 2022, this system has made it possible to support 1,300 people in Gard and 70% of them have returned to employment or training. In Bagnols, the ADRH agency is located in the Berret activity zone (115 avenue de la Roquette).

Positions to fill in home help

During this morning Job dating, 69 job offers in the industrial and home help sectors were available for people in a situation disability. The Protestant Service Association (APS) is currently recruiting home help and care assistants (one permanent contract and 3 fixed-term contracts) in Bagnols."We try to adapt their missions and employment contracts as best as possible. We respond to everyone's needs and constraints, indicates Amandine Hugon, human resources manager. We are part of professions in tension, we recruit throughout of the year." Only prerequisite: be transported.

"Adapted schedules and therapeutic part-time"

In the same sector of activity, Apef Bagnols (10 boulevard Lacombe) "is recruiting people". "We have more and more requests for personal services and we are short of staff, explains the customer representative. We ensure that people with disabilities have work in the same way as others. It is not an armored CV that makes a person effective. We can set up adapted schedules or therapeutic part-times." L’Apef Bagnols and its 35 employees take care of more than 400 people in the Rhone Gard.

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