“A little vagabond”, the elegant, friendly and warm lair of Isabelle Roussel in downtown Millau

“A little vagabond”, the elegant, friendly and warm lair of Isabelle Roussel in downtown Millau

Isabelle Roussel est à la tête de la boutique Un peu vagabonde à Millau. AD

Rue Droite, Isabelle Roussel offers, in Millau, the finest Moroccan and Portuguese craftsmanship. With success and a contagious smile that she doesn't seem to want to part with.

Passionate about decoration, insatiable globetrotter, Isabelle Roussel is the image of her boutique: A bit of a wanderer . Arrived in the region 5 years ago, "for love" she sparkles, the lively fifty-year-old has scoured the Mediterranean coast before settling down in the city of gloves. Where for two years now she has made her mark in the commercial fish market where she offers a range of inspired furniture .

Firstly through his travels with an assumed predilection for Morocco where Chergui lulled his nights for a few months. In Marrakech then in Essaouira, formerly Mogador, pearl of the Atlantic coast placed under the sign of wind and light. She has kept an unforgettable memory of this enchanting freelance experience and an address book that she puts to the benefit of her clients who find a bit of this vernacular art of living in her ocher-colored lair.

Vagabond decoration

What do we find at A bit of a wanderer ? Berber rugs of course – Béni ouarain, Boujaad, Azilal – gleaned from his encounters, chandeliers, brass mirrors, crockery… Pieces of craftsmanship from Moroccan know-how and cultural heritage. Unique pieces that she brings back on each of her escapades – they are common – at the gates of the desert to satisfy customers for whom it activates its network.

"I go to Essaouira 3 or 4 times a year. For pleasure obviously, but above all  to respond to the requests I receive here", validates Isabelle who generally returns with her arms full. She enjoys it: "I have a few regulars. When I returned in March, they were all waiting for me. Eager to discover his current selection. Unique pieces that generally fly away like a flock of pigeons on the Moulay Hassan square.

In its colorful cave, there is also a colorful range of Portuguese artisanal pottery and Indian kimonos. Products that she particularly appreciates and which could enhance her personal decor, as she only offers what she likes. Sometimes at the cost of a few hiccups. In a burst of laughter, she concludes: "It happens that my choices are not to everyone's taste… But don't repeat that!"

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