A man accused of shooting his wife and son: the police mobilized in large numbers even though it was… a hoax

A man accused of shooting his wife and son: the police mobilized in large numbers even though it was... a hoax

D’importants moyens déployés pour une fausse alerte. Midi Libre – F. A.

A major emergency device was deployed in the La-Jasse-de-Bernard district, for nothing… The telephone call which alerted of possible shootings in the district, turned out to be nothing. ;to be just a hoax.

This Monday, around 5 p.m., the gendarmes of the Alès company received a telephone call from an individual who explained that gunfire Fire rang out in a house near the school in the La-Jasse-de-Bernard district, in the territory of the commune of Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas.

A prank call, but a real intervention

A man allegedly shot his son and his wife. A major emergency system was then deployed in record time. Soldiers from Saint-Chaptes, Anduze, Salindres, Vézénobres, La Grand-Combe, bikers and even investigators from the Alès research brigade went to the site.

The area is sealed off. Traffic is diverted. The firefighters, also alerted, also arrived in large numbers, with three ambulances and several other vehicles.

After cautiously approaching the house where these alleged events took place, the police discovered that it was a hoax. At no time was the family in danger and no one fired a shot.

A malicious call complaint in progress

Two gendarmerie officers explain that it is a “swatting”, an anglicism which designates a telephone hoax; the victim's telephone number having been stolen. This involves making people believe that police intervention is required in an individual's home in order to harm them. The term Swat comes from the name of the intervention units of the American police, the equivalent in France of the GIGN, the BRI, or the Raid.

Around 5:30 p.m., the device was lifted, but precious time and human and material resources, undoubtedly useful elsewhere, were unnecessarily wasted. A malicious call investigation is underway.

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