A man receives 217 injections against Covid-19: he resold his health certificates to unvaccinated people

A man receives 217 injections against Covid-19: he resold his health certificates to unvaccinated people

Se faire vacciner 217 fois contre le Covid ? C'est possible. MAXPPP – Mourad ALLILI

In Germany, a sixty-year-old had 217 doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered in order to resell the certificate to refractory people.

There are records that are impossible to break. That of the most vaccinated man in the world is surely one of them. In a study published on Monday March 4 by The Lancet Infectious Diseases, scientists from a German university looked at the case of a 62-year-old individual , who would have received 217 doses of vaccine against Covid-19, according to BFMTV.

The scientists then became interested in the reasons for these far too many vaccinations and thus made him undergo blood and saliva tests. "We learned about his case through newspaper articles", says Dr. Kilian Schober. "We used these samples to determine exactly how the immune system responds to vaccination", he adds.

No Covid infection

The man would have received injections of RNA-messenger vaccine, from several different laboratories. Scientists have also discovered a very large number of cells T which help destroy cells infected by Covid-19. These cells did not show signs of fatigue in the immune response.

During their research, scientists did not find traces of past infection with the coronavirus. However, these may no longer be visible in the body if it dates back several years.

Resale of fake vaccines

However, the authors of the study do not approve of this hypervaccination with the aim of strengthening immunity. "Current research indicates that a three-dose vaccination, combined with regular complementary vaccines for vulnerable groups, remains the preferred approach", they say.

In 2022, the German press spoke of an individual from the same town of Magdeburg arrested for having received, at the time, 87 doses of vaccine. Its objective was to obtain as many certificates as injections, and then resell them to unvaccinated people.

This sixty-year-old went to different vaccination centers each time but did not show a health insurance card. The German authorities could therefore not trace it back to him. The BBC says that an investigation was opened against this man for allegations of fraud . No criminal action has yet been initiated.

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