A marathon session announced at the next community council of Nîmes Métropole

A marathon session announced at the next community council of Nîmes Métropole

Une séance marathon en prévision pour le président de Nîmes Métropole Franck Proust et les élus communautaires. Midi Libre – MIKAËL ANISSET

The community council meeting will take place Wednesday, June 26, 4:30 p.m., at the Colisée.

This Wednesday, June 26, from 4:30 p.m., at the Colisée, the community council of Nîmes Métropole, with around a hundred deliberations on the menu, should offer a session marathon. This is not a question of discussing one of the flagship events of the next Olympic Games in Paris this summer, even if the elected officials and mayors of the Agglo have shown that they were enduring with debates lasting several hours.

This Wednesday, there will be no stopwatch to take out, but rather a calculator with a multitude of votes on the management accounts in several areas of competence of the Agglo (transport, sanitation, airport, large water cycle, collection and treatment of household waste, Spanc, etc.), administrative accounts, supplementary budget of the main budget (nearly 25 million euros in expenditure and nearly 30 million euros in revenue for the operating section; 18.6 million euros in expenditure and revenue for the investment section) to name just these examples of deliberations.

Still in the figures, multiple competition funds for projects of municipalities of The Agglomeration will be submitted to the vote of the community representatives. A deliberation will probably attract the attention of the elected representatives on the subject of the airport.

Deliberations on the airport

Since 2021, Nîmes Métropole has been granting occupancy titles for the public domain on aero-industrial AOTs (Temporary Occupation Authorization) and thus collecting occupancy fees.

The text of the deliberation returns to the report of the Regional Chamber of Accounts "which indicates that state royalties between 2015 and 2020 have been wrongly collected by the delegatee (Lavalin now Edeis) and must be returned to Nîmes Métropole." The amount of royalties amounts to more than 4, 8 M€. It will thus be proposed to elected officials to approve the constitution of a provision of this sum concerning the dispute between the company Edeis Aéroport Nîmes and Nîmes Métropole.
The last part of the community council will focus on the continuation of the file for the Concerted Development Zone of the Station Market.

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