A minister traveling to Millau on Friday April 26

A minister traveling to Millau on Friday April 26

La benjamine du gouvernement Attal a succédé à Franck Riester. Repro

Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament Marie Lebec responded to the invitation of the deputy for the 3rd constituency Jean-François Rousset.

While Gérard Darmanin is expected in Rodez on Thursday April 25 – the Minister of the Interior and Overseas having responded favorably to the invitation of the Renaissance party. That Edouard Philippe, current president and founder of the Horizons party, should also visit the Aveyron prefecture the day before. Another minister is announced in the department on Friday 26 ;april. In Millau.

Invited by the deputy for the 3rd constituency Jean-François Rousset, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Marie Lebec, should come to meet the students and teachers of the option health of Jean-Vigo high school. Specialty open at the start of the 2024 school year under the leadership of MP Rousset. The rest of the program remains to be specified.

Macronist from the start

The first woman to occupy this position, the youngest member of the Attal government was appointed on January 11, 2024. Member of Parliament for the 4th constituency of Yvelines, she succeeds Franck Riester.

"After joining the UMP and supporting Nicolas Sarkozy during the presidential campaigns of 2007 and 2012, Marie Lebec was parliamentary attaché to a PS deputy, then was a consultant at Euralia, a public relations firm, we can read on the Parliamentary Channel website.

Macronist from the start – she got involved in 2015 within the  Youth with Macron, before contributing to structuring the still nascent party, On the move!, in the Yvelines department – Marie Lebec has been a deputy for this same department since the 2017 legislative elections.

Group Vice-President

Elected at the age of 26, she first sat on the Economic Affairs Committee. In 2018, she was appointed rapporteur of the law relating to the growth and transformation of businesses, known as the PACTE law.

Re-elected in June 2022, she becomes a member of the law commission. Vice-president of the Renaissance group of the National Assembly, she is the co- author, with the communist deputy Nicolas Sansu, of a report published in July 2023 on the consulting expenditure of local authorities, scrutinized as part of a flash mission on the ;rsquo;supervision of the intervention of private firms in public policies.

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