A Montpellier Reine record, pressure for a police station, an AI plan: the main news in the region

A Montpellier Reine record, pressure for a police station, an AI plan: the main news in the region

L’essentiel de l’actualité en région ce dimanche 26 mai. DR

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9 400 coureurs solidaires à la Montpellier Reine

#MONTPELLIER – A wave of positive energy spread throughout the city center of Montpellier on this Sunday, May 26, Mother’s Day. Nearly 10,000 people participated in the Montpellier Reine. The charity race, the profits from which are donated to the fight against breast cancer, has become an unmissable event for fifteen years. Athletes or not, men or women, young or old, all formed a large colorful wave, at midday, over a 4.8 km loop starting from a Peyrou bathed in the sun. The event raised 135,000 euros; distributed to the ICM, the CHU, the Parentheses of Marie and several other Montpellier associations.

Pissevin police station: the PCF is getting impatient

#NÎMES – The Nîmes section of the Communist Party is raising a rant. « We must not procrastinate, the work on the Pissevin police station must start as quickly as possible, we have been told a start time by the end of the summer. We want it to go faster. We are asking for the fastest possible opening with commitments on the time range », insists its manager Denis Lanoy. The opening of the Pissevin police office in Nîmes was announced by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin after the tragic death of a child shot dead in August 2023, collateral victim of the war of drug traffickers.

The Shana affair returns on M6

#PYRÉNÉES-ORIENTALES – This Tuesday, May 28, the show Call for Witnesses on M6, presented by Julien Courbet, will look into the Shana affair. On October 28, 2021, in the middle of the night, this 14-year-old teenager fell in an abandoned cellar in Banyuls-dels-Aspres, where she was with three friends. His mother Géraldine never believed in the accident theory. « I think she didn’t fall alone », she confided in June 2022 at L’Independent. She requested the reopening of the investigation. What his lawyer Me Audier-Soria confirmed this Friday, May 24. « The family is waiting to know things that have not been said. Or things that have been entrusted to other people, who will perhaps speak. »

The number of the day: 500

#TRADITION – It’was a first: this Saturday, May 25, more than 500 castellers gathered at the Thierry-Cayuela stadium in Prades for the Trobada castellera de les colles de Nord de Catalunya. Symbol of an identity and a tradition of the Catalan country. Several hundred spectators and actors attended or participated in this event which, for the first time, brought together no less than six groups (formations) on this side of the border.

The Region launches its plan for AI

#TECHNOLOGY – For the fourth consecutive year, the Occitanie Region was present at the VivaTech show, the major event for tech and innovation. She took the opportunity to announce an Artificial Intelligence (AI) plan which should support research, contribute to the support of R & D companies in this sector and develop training courses. An estimate of some 50 million euros was mentioned. The “Start-up industry of tomorrow” system, planned for July, was also presented. The aim is to double the number of young innovative companies (less than 8 years old) in Occitanie by 2028, going from 50 to 100 per year. Finally, the Region has decided to sign a strengthened partnership with the CNRS, on cybersecurity, hydrogen, space and Earth observation. The agreement provides for "the strengthening of research centers, the opening of scientific platforms to regional companies, the dissemination of innovation and the development of dialogue between researchers and society to fight against conspiracy and obscurantism".

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