A new commander at the head of the Alès fire brigade

A new commander at the head of the Alès fire brigade

Le commandant Nicolas Ventoza est officier chez les pompiers professionnels depuis 20 ans. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

Nicolas Ventoza est depuis le mois de juin l’officier à la tête des sapeurs-pompiers alésiens.

He took up his post at the beginning of June, but the face of Commander Nicolas Ventosa, new head of the main rescue center in Alès, was already known among the firefighters of the capital of the Cévennes.

Arriving in the Basin in 2021, the officer, now 42 years old, was until then the deputy of his predecessor, Max Charreyron, who for his part became head of the Garrigues-Camargues territorial group, at the head, therefore, of the Nîmes and Sur du Gard firefighters.

Continue service to the populations

A volunteer firefighter in his youth, Nicolas Ventosa quickly became a professional and lieutenant at 22. Originally from Hérault, he spent the first part of his career in Yvelines before returning to Gard: first in Bagnols, then in Uzès and in charge of the SDIS training center.

Since 2021, he has participated in major interventions in the Cévennes, including the Bordezac fire in 2022. The teams are, at this time, already in place for interventions in the face of fires. forest. "Our goal is always to ensure responses to calls and requests as quickly as possible."

The main rescue center in Alès is made up of 84 professional firefighters and 120 volunteer firefighters.

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