A new director and projects at the Cévennes National Park

A new director and projects at the Cévennes National Park

Avec l’adhésion de Saint-Félix-de-Pallières, la charte réunit, aujourd’hui, 115 communes. Midi Libre – JEAN FRANCOIS GALLIER

Les deux communes de Vabres et Saint-Félix-de-Pallières ont adhéré à la charte tandis que Vincent Cligniez a, lui, été nommé directeur en remplacement d’Anne Legile.

In mid-March, the administrators of the public establishment of the Cévennes National Park (PNC) held their first meeting of the year. The latter deliberated on the approval of the activity report for the year 2023 which saw the election of Stephan Maurin, mayor of Pont-de-Monvert-Sud-Mont-Lozère, as chairman of the board of directors. Recently, the latter announced the appointment of the new director of the Parc Vincent Cligniez. The opportunity also to mention the adhesion to the charter of two new municipalities: Vabre and Saint-Félix-de-Pallières, bringing the number of members to 115.

Stephan Maurin, mayor of Pont-de-Monvert-Sud-Mont-Lozère, as chairman of the board of directors

Then, Alexandre Vigne and Flore Thérond were re-elected first and second vice-presidents respectively. The end of the year was marked by the departure of the director, Anne Legile after spending eight years at the head of the establishment.
The past year was marked by the publication of a new commented list on birds with, for more than fifty years, 286 species reported in the territory. Several studies have also been carried out on natural habitats and the impact of light pollution on nocturnal insects.
Regarding territory monitoring, more than 800 agent days were dedicated to contact with the territory. Concerning agriculture, agri-environmental and climatic measures (Maec) have been renewed for five years, to preserve wetlands and maintain collective pastoralism. The first results for the duplication trials of natural meadows are underway and awareness-raising actions have been carried out with farmers on wetlands, menhirs and the southern shrike. Last October, the third Sylvotrophée forestry competition was won by the Peiratte forest, in Barre-des-Cévennes. The historic partnership between the Park and the Dry Stone Builders (ABPS) was renewed with the signing of an objectives agreement for the period 2024-2026. Twenty-four tourism providers and agricultural producers have joined the Esprit parc national brand, bringing the number of beneficiaries to 139.
This year again, more than 2,000 local students were made aware of the environment, the 104 summer activities offered by the establishment brought together 1,600 people and the day with the park Villefort, in September, enjoyed great success. In the spring, the establishment commissioned the CSA institute to collect residents' perceptions of its missions and the role of agents. The results are very encouraging, because 84% of residents have a good image of the park.
As of December 31, 2023, expenses amount to 8,709,912 euros; and the revenue collected at 8 206 521 €. The gap is linked to the gap between the payment of expenses and the receipt of subsidies for several multi-year projects. The board of directors session was followed by workshops on the interim evaluation of the charter.

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