A new victory for the students of Mines d’Alès

A new victory for the students of Mines d’Alès

Le trophée présenté par la directrice Assia Tria au personnel en présence des élèves vainqueurs. Midi Libre – DR

Après s’être imposés l’an dernier à domicile, les étudiants d’IMT Mines Alès ont remporté le challenge sportif à Nantes.

True to form, IMT Mines Alès (formerly École des Mines) once again won last weekend in the competition which pits them against the group's other engineering schools , the Mining Cartel. This, after winning the title at home last year.

The record speaks for itself: 32 victories, five second places and one third place, or 38 podiums in 43 participations. The students, crowned with their success, returned from Nantes on Monday.

This Tuesday, Assia Tria, the director of the school, congratulated her troops in the large lecture hall and presented the hard-won trophy to the staff. "You crushed them, certainly, but you only respected the traditions: the other eschouliers before you did the same. Let us, therefore, once again see a victory! This is above all the consequence of a culture specific to IMT Mines Alès… Not a culture of sport, but of the spirit. Dear students of IMT Mines Alès, you are winners not so much because of your sporting abilities even if you are undeniably the best, but because of your human and creative abilities which are the basis of this new victory."

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