A new wine cellar is set up in Saint-Affrique

A new wine cellar is set up in Saint-Affrique

Wine merchant Christine Palet in her setting, Verres de Vignes at 4 rue Peyre Cadias in Saint-Affrique. Marilyn Beaufour

A new wine cellar run by an energetic and passionate wine merchant.

"I’have always loved wine" concedes Christine Palet who has just opened her cellar since June 11, Verres de Vignes at 4 rue Peyre Cadias in Saint-Affrique. "My cellar is located on the ground floor of the house where I grew up. I was born here and after various jobs in tourism, in wine estates and as a professional trainer, I took the plunge to create my own winery in my town.

Whiskey made in Laguiole

Holder of a Master of Wine Languedoc, an oenologist diploma in tasting and soils and another from the & rsquo;organism Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Christine Palet today offers customers nearly 150 references, all coming (except one from a cooperative cellar) from small local producers (Saint -Affrique, Marcillac, Conques…), Regional and national. As often as possible organic or biodynamic.

Prices range from 6.50 euros; for a Saint-Chinian rosé at 120 euros; for a Burgundy Chambolle-Musigny. Something to please everyone! Especially since the purchase comes with sound advice for pairing wines and food or for giving as gifts."I have tasted them all and I know all winegrowers. Original, Twelve, a high-end whiskey made in Laguiole and from a distillery run by twelve partners".

Clever, the wines, classified by region, display labels in the shape of leaves, red, pink and white in order to identify the color of the wine at first glance.

Aromatiques de Nant

Christine Palet also sells some delicatessen products, aromatics from Ferme des Homs de Nant, walnut oil from Domaine de Moncles in Conques, condiments from Rue Traversette de Saint – André-de-Sangonis (Hérault), sardines in pretty boxes, La perle des Dieux, brand created in 1887 in Nantes… And accessories like this Peugeot sock, very effective for keeping a wine cool for 2 hours.

Christine Palet talks about her projects: "From September, I am organizing an initiation to tasting every three weeks for everyone public and I host a monthly show on Radio Saint-Affrique with guests to talk about… wine". A great adventure.

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