A program “built on six themes” for Emmanuel Le Pargneux, RN candidate in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

A program “built on six themes” for Emmanuel Le Pargneux, RN candidate in the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

Trois colistiers, Jérôme Ghisalberti, Paule Di Prima et Laurent Maubert, et Emmanuel Le Pargneux ont présenté le programme de Renouveau spiripontain en compagnie de la députée RN de la 3e circonscription du Gard, Pascale Bordes (en bleu sur la photo). Midi Libre – C.L.

Emmanuel Le Pargneux, candidate for the Renouveau Spiripontain list, unveiled this Saturday, April 20, his program for the early municipal election on April 28 and May 5. He was surrounded by three running mates and Pascale Bordes, RN deputy for the 3rd constituency of Gard.

Emmanuel Le Pargneux, candidate of the National Rally for the early municipal election of April 28 and May 5 in Pont-Saint-Esprit, presented this Saturday, 20 ;nbsp;April his program in the company of three running mates and Pascale Bordes, RN deputy for the 3rd constituency of Gard, who came "as a friend" . "Our municipal project was built around six themes", announces in the preamble the head of the Spiripontain Renewal list which wants to make Pont "a model city of citizenship and democracy". For this, in the event of victory, Emmanuel Le Pargneux will establish a weekly office of the mayor without appointment, open public meetings and neighborhood visits. "We will be elected representatives on the ground", he promises.

A program encrypted at 2.50 M€

The Spiripontain Renewal program includes "a serious and very dense component"on cleanliness and tranquility. The young candidate (24 years old) plans to create a municipal police night brigade and increase the current workforce by recruiting six municipal police officers within two years and five more within three years or more. He wants to double the number of video surveillance cameras – there are currently 53 —. "It won't be done in a snap of the fingers but we will start the measure right away", specifies Laurent Maubert, who will be deputy for security if the RN list wins the election. The cost of this last measure amounts to 300,000 euros. while the entire program was budgeted at 2.5 million euros.

Another sensitive subject, the cleanliness of the city. "The environment brigade will be transformed into a cleanliness brigade with two agents mobilized on the subject. We will establish a balance of power with the Agglo which is not fulfilling its waste collection mission." Emmanuel Le Pargneux wishes to recruit a rural guard "authorized to investigate illegal dumping and incivility".

"Focus on attractiveness and dynamism"

"I am always saddened when I see the old center empty and shamefully dirty, lance running mate Paule Di Prima . It’is a city with potential. We need to focus on attractiveness and dynamism."& nbsp;Several measures have been listed to make the city more attractive: improving the urban aesthetics of the city center, enhancing the old center or even creating a counter dedicated to processing urban degradation. For Pascale Bordes, attractiveness is "fundamental" to attract new doctors to the second largest town in the Rhone Gard where there is only one left generalist. On the health side, Emmanuel Le Pargneux wants to create a municipal health office to support professionals in settling in the area. "You have to be able to sell yourself and Pont has serious assets to put forward", he adds.

Creation of an environmental citizen reserve

With regard to culture, the RN candidate wishes to continue the registration of monuments as historical heritage, further promote commemorative ceremonies or even create an annual medieval festival. The last part of the program concerns ecology. The Spiripontain Renewal list is thinking of creating an environmental citizen reserve and a trade office to support local traders "because ecology is localism& quot;. Emmanuel Le Pargneux, who undertakes not to increase taxation if he is elected, also wants to put in place & quot;municipal energy aid" for the purchasing power of Spiripontains. The amount and conditions to benefit from it have not been announced.

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