A rally in the language of Goethe

A rally in the language of Goethe

Children from the Paul Marcelin school at the Diderot gymnasium.

Ninety students from the four CM1 and CM2 classes at the Paul-Marcelin school participated in the third edition of the German language rally. Organized by Gulizar Arslan, the school's German teacher, this rally brought together 350 students from the Paul-Marcelin, Lakanal, Armand-Barbès schools and the Jules-Verne college. It was also in the gymnasium of this college that it took place.

"The teaching of German has existed for six years at the Paul-Marcelin school, explains Magali Ponge, the director.The rally was organized in partnership with the departmental educational advisor. Children from different schools presented presentations on Germany, which they had made in class, sang songs, played board games such as Memory, question and answer games, and all this in German for two days. The goal of this rally was to give meaning to this teaching of the German language and to reinvest the learning from the school year."

Many partners helped to organize this event and contributed to the success of this meeting: the House of Heidelberg, the House of Europe, and the Hemingway high school through its section Euro. "The teaching of German constitutes a course of excellence in the neighborhood for children from CE2 to 3rd grade. This course also opens the doors to the Abibac section of the Alphonse-Daudet high school, a section which allows you to prepare for the baccalaureate and a German diploma", concludes Magali Ponge.

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