A rave party being evacuated in Saint-Victor-Lacoste in the Gard

A rave party being evacuated in Saint-Victor-Lacoste in the Gard

Interpellé, un individu est toujours en garde à vue ce dimanche soir 18 février. D.R. – Gendarmerie du Gard

Up to 1,500 people gathered on private land on the edge of the village. This wild party started on Saturday February 17 in the early evening.

A rave party being completed this Sunday evening, February 18, started this Saturday around 9:30 p.m., on private land on the outskirts of the village of Saint-Victor-la -Coste in Gard.

This Sunday afternoon, the sonographic equipment (including a wall of 40 speakers) was seized. The prefect of Gard issued a decree "prohibiting all festive gatherings" before the site is evacuated.

This Sunday evening, several hundred participants in this rave were still being evacuated from the premises.

Forty Gard gendarmes supported by an additional squadron of fourteen soldiers from Clermond-Ferrant, as well as two dog crews trained in the search for narcotics and a helicopter, are mobilized on this operation at the same time security, control and evacuation.

Drugs and alcohol seized, fines and licenses suspended

An operation during which narcotics in significant quantities as well as alcohol were seized. 150 reports were also drawn up for parking on a DFCI track: access to the site reserved for the circulation of vehicles intended for the prevention and fight against forest fires. Driving licenses have finally been suspended.

An individual carrying brass knuckles and a chainsaw chain was arrested and taken into custody after damaging a gendarmerie vehicle.

Understood, the organizers of this wild party which brought together up to 1,500 participants on the night of Saturday to Sunday, will soon have to explain themselves to the courts.

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