“A real exploitation for commercial purposes”: “puppy yoga” banned in Italy for the well-being of puppies

“A real exploitation for commercial purposes”: “puppy yoga” banned in Italy for the well-being of puppies

Cette pratique consiste à allier la pratique du yoga à des jeux et des caresses avec des chiots. MAXPPP – Jean-Baptiste BORNIER

Puppy Yoga sessions, which consist of doing yoga with puppies, were banned in Italy in a note released on April 29, 2024.

A practice that is increasingly popular in Italy, but also in France. Images of puppy yoga sessions are very popular on social media. The Transalpine Minister of Health announced, in a note released on April 29, 2024, the ban on "puppy yoga", which consists of doing yoga in the presence of young dogs.

Only on adult animals

According to the Italian press, cited by BFMTV, the Ministry of Health estimates that"Animal-assisted interventions cannot be performed on puppies but only on adults, a necessary condition to protect their health and well-being".< /p>

The use of puppies during yoga sessions falls under pet-assisted intervention (AIA), these therapies allowing the improvement of physical, social, emotional functions and cognitive abilities of people through animals, reveals the ministry's note. Italian regional authorities will now be able to carry out checks to verify whether the ban is being respected.

"Quick and unexpected victory"

The Italian animal rights association LNDC Animal Protection had filed a complaint with the Milanese courts for suspected mistreatment of animals. Its president had called "puppy yoga" as a "real exploitation for commercial purposes which takes no account of the well-being and psychophysical health of creatures still too fragile to be treated in this way"< /em>.

"At this age, puppies should not have to deal with travel and stress, but remain in a calm, protected environment under the guidance and guidance care of their mother", he adds.

Following this announcement, the association welcomed a "quick and unexpected victory" and said to itself "very satisfied with this result". "We invite all citizens to report to the police and local health authorities these activities that exploit and mistreat animals for pure economic interest", she calls.

In France, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has denounced this practice which " therefore encourages the impulsive purchase of breeding puppies and promotes abandonment".

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