A significant donation for the Restos du Cœur d’Agde

A significant donation for the Restos du Cœur d’Agde

Une livraison de produits qui profitera aux bénéficiaires. Photo D.R.

Organizer of a padel tournament last fall, the Barrière casino donated the profits from this event to several associations.

The Restos du Cœur association received a large delivery of various products, food and hygiene products for people in need.

This delivery is the result of the profits from the padel tournament organized last October by the Barrière du Cap d'Agde casino.

2,000 € for Restaurants

In total, €6,500, mainly from registration fees, was shared for the benefit of five associations. The share going to Restos du Cœur amounts to €2,000, which represents 70 packages. Five more were also offered by the partner Intermarché.

The new director of the casino, Florence André, was present alongside one of her colleagues, Alain Puyo , referent for CSR (corporate social responsibility) at the Barrière casino. "We are satisfied to have obtained such results with this tournament, which allows us to help local associations", declared the latter, who also partly managed the organization of the tournament. "The 3rd edition of this padel tournament will take place next October and we will level up with better ranked players, in order to upgrade this meeting&quot ;, he added.

Same feeling for Florence André, for whom "this moment is essential and is part of the values ​​of the Barrière group. All of the group's establishments have in fact initiated a CSR approach and we must ensure that this action continues."

The The final word went to the head of the local section of Restos du coeur, Marie-France Dersch, who reminded us that "these foods and hygiene products will allow us to help some of the 250 registered in our sector. It is a real support to receive these donations and a pleasure for the 25 volunteers that we are to feel recognized in our daily mission. Our role of presence is important and does not stop only at distribution. We also listen to people in difficulty who we can also direct towards competent services."

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