A squatter actress ?, events for the Tour and the arrival of a new dredger for the ports: the essential regional news

A squatter actress ?, events for the Tour and the arrival of a new dredger for the ports: the essential regional news

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Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, l'essentiel de l'actualité régionale sur midilibre.fr.

Squatter actress ?

#MONTPELLIER. Alexis Casales says he is "disgusted". From October 6 to December 23, his property, available on the Airbnb platform, was occupied by two tenants, the English actress Archie Panjabi and her husband, whom he accuses of not having paid the rent properly. voluntary. He also filed a complaint for “theft and damage or deterioration of property belonging to others”. The slate, according to him, would amount to 6,400 €.

The couple paid two weeks' rent but stayed for eleven weeks. The owner therefore asks them for the difference of 6,400 €. Relations between landlord and tenants have become strained: exchanges only by messages, then by lawyer… "I'm not going to give up", warns the owner.

Traumatized teachers

#NIMES. After the shooting at Chemin-bas, the trauma is still very strong among the teachers. At the Georges-Bruguier school, impacted by drug trafficking which is plaguing the neighborhood, twelve of the fourteen teachers are on sick leave. At the start of the school year, on March 3, almost the entire educational team called in sick.

The wind is rising against the idea that everything continues as before. The educational team is requesting the school move today. The directors of the district's establishments will be received this Wednesday March 6 at the prefecture.

Hydromer, the new port dredger, has arrived

#SETE. This Tuesday, March 5, the port of Sète welcomed the first call of Hydromer, the brand new dredger from the region's ports. This unit replaces the Cap Croisette which left for a second life in Brazil. The unit, 70 m long, moored at the corner of the Richelieu docks. In relative silence.

Indeed, Hydromer, which took around ten days to cover the distance between Brittany and the Singular Island, is powered by electric energy. Energy produced by classic diesel engines. But it’s still less polluting and less noisy. This unit cost 29 M€ (including €25.75 million from the Region) and could be powered by hydrogen at the end of 2025. 

Today’s number: 140

#TOULOUSE. Until March 15, the fourth edition of the French military space exercise AsterX is taking place on the Toulouse site of the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes). The exercise brings together 140 participants, civilian and military, French and foreign.

This space operations training has opened up internationally. During this immersion, participants are confronted with the entire spectrum of space warfare.

Plenty of entertainment for the Tour de France

#NIMES.  On Tuesday July 16, 2024, Nîmes will host the 16th stage of the Tour de France and a peloton which will set off from Gruissan (Aude) for a journey of 187 km. The famous cycling event will pass through the Gard prefecture for the 20th time. The City paid 150,000 € to the organizer of the TDF and invested in the activities (municipal agents, materials, security, etc.) for juicy spinoffs worth several million euros.

The activities will begin in schools this spring. Two major highlights will be organized on Saturday July 13: a large stroll through the historic center in the morning and multiple activities on the Esplanade (initiations, workshops, games, repairs, professional stands…).

Monday July 15, at 5:30 p.m., at Le Bosquet, the Donnons des Elles au Vélo association, which is performing the Tour stage, will be hosted by the City of Nîmes. A beautiful moment to promote women through sport.

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