A third appeal against the Montpellier Western Bypass

A third appeal against the Montpellier Western Bypass

Le projet du COM, qui doit relier l'A 709 à l'A 750, est contesté par des associations réunies en collectif. Midi Libre – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

Après s'être pourvu en février devant les tribunaux administratifs de Toulouse et de Paris, le collectif L'Autre COM vient de déposer un recours devant le Conseil d'Etat.

The Montpellier Western Bypass, which must connect the A 750 to the A 709, is contested by the L’Autre-COM collective. Rejected in December at the administrative court, he filed two appeals in February. He appealed to the administrative court of Toulouse against the declaration of public utility, completed too quickly in his eyes, and to the administrative court of Paris to request the results of the VSA 70 study &quot ;which was to be delivered in 2021".

The collective has just filed a third appeal with the Council of State. This time, it is about “denouncing the illegality of the new COM financing clause authorized by decree on December 28, 2023. The illegality is linked to the fact that VINCI-ASF has planned to collect, via an increase in tolls on the A9 around Montpellier, 344.2 million euros excluding tax to finance the COM, and that approximately 86% of payers will not borrow the planned work.

And the collective pleads: "this arrangement is illegal because the payment of a toll is linked to the remuneration for a service rendered; which is far from being the case here. This additional toll paid by these users will not be negligible. According to the Transport Regulatory Authority, the only legal ways to finance this work are public financing or a toll"

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