A young man beaten up in the street by eight teenagers who wanted to steal his cap

A young man beaten up in the street by eight teenagers who wanted to steal his cap

Trois véhicules de police ont été engagés sur l'opération. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Les faits se sont déroulés dans le centre-ville d'Alès ce dimanche 14 janvier dans l'après-midi. Quatre suspects ont été interpellés, trois seraient en garde à vue. Victime et mis en cause ont tous entre 13 et 14 ans. 

Sunday January 14 in the afternoon, around 4 p.m., in the area of ​​avenue Carnot, in the city center of Alès, two young people aged 13-14 were taken party by a group of teenagers of roughly the same age. If the first victim managed to escape, his friend was less lucky.

The young man was literally beaten up by the group. While he is on the ground, he is severely beaten. Attackers kicked him, others took his cap and his bag which contained his cell phone.

The attackers flee

After their crime, the attackers fled and tried to hide in the funfair area. Alerted, the police officers from the police station converged in numbers towards the area where the cameras of the Urban Supervision Center (CSU), the City's cameras, spotted the suspects. Thus, the emergency police officers, the anti-crime brigade (Bac) and those of the Local Security Group (GSP) set out in search of the suspects who had dispersed.

Thanks to the work of the operators behind the cameras, the police have their clothing descriptions. At the sight of the agents, some young people run away. A first individual is arrested near the funfair.

Several arrests

On foot or in vehicles, the police comb the area with a fine-tooth comb. They made three other arrests. Young suspects who are between 13 and 14 years old are taken to the police station. At least three of them were taken into custody this Sunday.

At the end of the afternoon, families of the accused went to the police station where a disturbance broke out forcing the officers to evacuate the premises.

The victim, from a notable family in Alès, was taken care of by the police just after the attack. The young boy, very shocked, was then taken to Alès hospital. He suffered injuries to his hand and face.

The investigation continues under the authority of the Nîmes juvenile prosecutor's office.

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