A young person from Péret involved in drug trafficking

Is Dylan a big drug dealer or a victim of trafficking ? The two versions clashed on Wednesday March 27 at the Béziers court. 

"For his entry into delinquency, Dylan went hard", summarizes the prosecutor. On the night of March 24 to March 25, this young person from Péret, until then unknown to the justice system, successively stole the keys to an Audi A3 in a villa de Fontès, stole the vehicle, and refused to comply with a gendarmerie check in the commune of Cazouls.

Arrested in possession of cannabis and a cutter, he was then taken to his home, where the search was successful: half a kilo of cannabis, a precision scale, a hood, a drone, and even a pen gun firing real bullets."If we added up the sentences like in the United States, we would end up with more than 50 years in prison."

In his defense, the defendant speaks of a debt of 10,000 euros that he owes to a crook. As he absolutely has to repay, for his safety and that of his family, he sells narcotics. "He’is someone who worked in security, as team leader, but he fell seriously ill a year ago and since then it's been a free fall, argues his lawyer.& nbsp;Proof of his good faith: his clean record, and the fact that he himself told the investigators where the cannabis was.

The representative of the prosecution, who is asking for two years in prison, eight of which will be suspended, defends another version: that of a young drug trafficker, of whom he has all the evidence; paraphernalia, and who has so far escaped justice. "The analysis of your messages shows that you are not threatened, it is rather you who are threatening, insists -he. Who is your supplier ?" "Obviously he can say it, replies the lawyer, you know these environments  !"

Deliberate: 18 months in prison, six of which are suspended on probation, with continued detention.

The defendant's first name has been changed

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