“Abbreviate brother”: what is this TikTok account accused of misogyny by several influencers

“Abbreviate brother”: what is this TikTok account accused of misogyny by several influencers

Le créateur de contenu derrière le compte TikTok est accusé de misogynie. Capture Tik Tok – @abregefrere

The concept of the @abregefrere account is to make a short summary of the "too long"videos that circulate on social networks.  Several influencers denounce the harassment of women and see it as misogynistic behavior.

The concept behind @abregefrere's TikTok account ? shorten videos that circulate on social networks and summarize them in a few seconds.

In his videos, he leaves the original catchphrase of the content creator before cutting it in editing to appear in front of the camera and quickly summarize the story and reveal the punchline in a few seconds.

The success of the account was not long in coming, since the latter accumulated more than a million subscribers just a few days after the creation of his account.

But quickly, some content creators saw it as a misogynistic concept which would aim to silence women.

"You're a big misogynist"

In a video published on TikTok, influencer Chloé Gervais accuses him of being misogynistic. "At the very least you don't give a damn that your content has normalized telling girls who are doing their little story time and their make-up tutorial to shut their mouths . At the most it tells me that you are a big misogynist", she declared. The latter then received several hateful comments on social networks.

And she is not the only one, several other creators denouncing the @abregefrere account have received hateful messages, some going as far as death threats for some.< /p>

The @abregefrere account was suspended in mid-February, before the latter managed to reopen one. The content creator has not yet reacted to the controversy.

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