Academy of the sea in project, candidate for Koh Lanta, snow in Lozère: the essential news in the region

Academy of the sea in project, candidate for Koh Lanta, snow in Lozère: the essential news in the region

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L'Occitanie first academy of the sea ?

#SETE. The academic rector of Occitanie was visiting the Lycée de la Mer Paul-Bousquet this Monday. The opportunity for Sophie Béjean to discover the Sète establishment, the largest maritime high school in France. A courtesy stopover which was also part of a larger project.

That of the “Academies of the Sea”, a label currently being developed that the academic region of Occitanie could be the first to obtain, in 2024. "It’is something new, carried out jointly by the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of the Sea and the regional community, to open our territory to the sea Of the five departments of the Montpellier academy, four are on the coast. We need to speed up networking."

Sarah Diawara, from Béziers to “Koh Lanta”

#HERAULT. Sarah Diawara, who spent her childhood in Béziers and now lives in Corsica, is currently at the’ poster for Koh Lanta: The Immunity Hunters, episode 3 of which will be broadcast this Tuesday at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. It maintains a strong link with Béziers. "This is my place. My whole family lives there, I come back often. I did all my schooling there, from primary to high school, before leaving for my higher education. I went to the Béziers tennis club, I played at the Béziers Angels."

The young woman dreamed of participating in this show. "I must have applied a dozen times between the ages of 20 and 34 without ever losing sight of this goal." Determined to last as long as possible, she trained a lot. Beyond the sporting exploits, it is indeed the human aspect that has marked her the most. "We have to deal with people on a daily basis with whom, in life, we would not have made connections. It’s not always easy to adapt to characters that are opposite to your own. Humans are very difficult on Koh Lanta."

The number of the day: 20 to 30

#LOZERE. The Bleymard-Mont Lozère ski resort opened its entire Nordic area this Monday, for the second time in the winter season. "There is between 20 and 30 cm of snow at the Col de Finiels",reports Christophe Aldrovandi, the station director. This quantity is sufficient to open the entire Nordic area, unlike the Alpine area which must remain closed. The snow should hold for a few more days in the northern domain.

A rally against violence against elected officials

#GARD. Mylène Cayzac, mayor of Beauvoisin, says she is "disgusted, at the bottom of the hole". This Monday, a gathering was organized following serious events which affected three elected officials in his commune and in particular the spraying of the facades of their homes with hydraulic oil.

A symbolic gathering which attracted several dozen people including local elected officials and concerns that the mayors of neighboring towns know well, often also facing verbal violence or social media. Mylène Cayzac launched a firm call for justice: "We are now waiting for strong sanctions." 

Closed France/Spain border closed on the A9

#AUDE/PYRENEES-ORIENTALES. Spanish farmers announce a blockage of the AP7 after the border this Tuesday and Wednesday. The blockade is scheduled until Wednesday evening. Heavy disruptions are therefore to be expected on the A9 motorway in France.

The Aude prefecture announces that "the movement of light vehicles and heavy goods vehicles will be impossible at the Franco-Spanish border in both directions& quot; Heavy goods vehicles will be stored on the A9 from Le Boulou to Leucate and the circulation of light vehicles will be prohibited on the A9 from Leucate.

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