Accused of rape of his cousin and a student, a former college supervisor and host of France Bleu indicted

Accused of rape of his cousin and a student, a former college supervisor and host of France Bleu indicted

The man was indicted after two accusations concerning rape of minors. Illustration Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

A 49-year-old man was indicted for rape of minors under the age of 15, according to information from France Bleu. He was also a presenter on regional radio and was a supervisor in a college in Rouen.

Friday April 27, a former supervisor of a private college in Rouen was indicted for rape of minors, indicates France Bleu Normandie . According to information from regional radio, this 49-year-old man was the target of several complaints, two of which led the Rouen public prosecutor's office to open an investigation.

Among the complaints, that of a former student of the private college Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-la-Salle in Rouen. Filed in 2022, his complaint concerns facts which took place when he was 15 years old and the supervisor was 18. He accuses the latter of masturbation, fellatio and caresses, during academic support sessions.

Sentenced in 2022

This is a previous conviction in 2022 of this former host of France Bleu, which pushed the private college student to file a complaint. At that time, Lionel S. received a two-year suspended prison sentence for sexually assaulting the 8-year-old son of a France Bleu employee in the 1990s.

This first conviction also pushed his cousin to file a complaint against Lionel S. She was 6 years old and he was 15 and says that he raped her by digital penetration. Now 41 years old, she has realized that she is not a single victim and considers him a "predator".

Confronted with three accusers

Lionel S. was confronted with three victims, the former student, as well as a man whose babysitter he had been, and another man, who accused of having sexually assaulted him during a date when he was 18 years old. For the latter, the facts are prescribed, but they are used by investigators to shed light on the other two cases.

This Friday, April 27, Lionel S. was indicted and placed under judicial supervision. His lawyer did not comment to our colleagues.

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