Adapted Para tennis: games, sets and match for the BBSA

Adapted Para tennis: games, sets and match for the BBSA

Christophe Lemeur, champion de France vétérans entouré de William Martin (2e) et Patrick Dupuis (3e). MIDI LIBRE

In Nîmes, the Bagnolais club placed three of its licensees on the podium of the French adapted para tennis championships. Including Christophe Lemeur, crowned veteran.

''I didn't get a medal but that doesn't matter, she's so beautiful&hellip ;'' One of the 135 participants in the French adapted para tennis championship is enthusiastic about the poster of the event which was offered to him and which he displays at the end of the presentation prices. His own title. A simple happiness, more important than the result.
At the end of three days of competition, from Friday to Sunday, everyone left the Gard a bit victorious. During this national meeting of the year, ''2 700 games and 300 matches'' , as counted by one of the officials, were played on the courts of Hauts-de-Nîmes.
The best players in France, divided into three handicap categories (AB for the most deficient, BC and CD) and two age categories (seniors, veterans, + 35 years old), had responded present.

The BBSA, the largest club in Occitanie

And the echo of the Gardois resonated very far away. The Bagnolais Adapted Sports Basin (BBSA) has demonstrated all its know-how, confirming its regional status.''We are the largest club in Occitanie, recalls Gilles Fernandez, coach with Philippe Morel. We offer six activities in competition: tennis, badminton, futsal, 7-a-side football, handball and pétanque.''

Concerning the little yellow ball, it bounced quite well on the Nîmes courts. In the veterans final (CD), even before the start, we already knew that a Gardois would be crowned. In this duel between Bagnolais, Christophe Lemeur, 3rd in 2023, dominated William Martin (6-4, 6-2). ''A big thank you to Gilles and Philippe for the organization because, without them, we wouldn't be here, a would like to point out Martin, a Montpellier resident training at TC La Paillade, happy with his stay in Nîmes. When I arrived here, I didn't expect anything. Just to please myself.'' Done.

Lemeur and Richard, big-headed slayers

A pleasure shared by Christophe Lemeur, his club partner. ''I'm very happy with my victory'', reacted the new king of France, who can be proud of his weekend, slayer in the semi-final of the French number 2, Patrick Dupuis.
Two Bagnolais who could hide another, Jordan Richard (CD), who arrived at club at the start of the season, also distinguished himself, also offering himself the scalp of a big head, the French number 2 Aurélien Vagner, in the semi-final. Richard only stumbled on the last step. A little too high, for seven years, for the adversity as a whole: Benjamin Coulier (level 15 in the FFT ranking) became the seven-time defending champion, thrashing the Bagnolais in the final (6-0, 6-1).

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