Adil Lozère, an association to consult without moderation to develop an energy renovation plan

Adil Lozère, an association to consult without moderation to develop an energy renovation plan

Héloïse Costes, directrice de l’Adil Lozère. MIDI LIBRE – M. P

L’association tiendra un stand et organisera des conférences à l’occasion du salon Habitat & Immo de Mende du 5 au 7 avril 2024 à l’espace événements.

"Our core business is to provide neutral, personalized and free advice on all legal, financial and tax aspects related to housing", specifies Héloïse Costes, local director of the Departmental Housing Information Association, Adil. In these times when energy bills are soaring, insulation, heating and air conditioning methods are therefore at the center of listening to Adil experts, for owners or co-owners concerned about savings and adaptation to climate change. But also to adapt housing to loss of autonomy (MaPrimeAdapt’, for the renovation of very degraded housing (Ma Prime decent housing) or co-ownerships (MaPrimeRénov' Co-ownership) .

MaPrimeRénov', state aid

"We have control over aid, with precise conditions, regulations, at national and local level" , comments the director. In what can seem, for the individual, like an administrative jungle. Adil can also support the implementation of a project, discuss the steps to be taken: "We inform, we advise, we let's orient. We do not make home visits or quotes. But if people come with an energy balance (DPE), we can help them interpret it, insists Héloïse Costes.

Among the multitude of aid schemes with precise criteria, the flagship State measure is MaPrimeRénov', which is at the heart of the incentive to renovate: "It is subdivided into two parts. On the one hand, simple work which will be supported for the most modest or intermediate households. A large-scale project, which will make it possible to skip two classes in the DPE, with two isolation gestures, the support will be substantial, up to 90% of 70,000 ;€ works, details the expert. It’is open to all households, including those with greater resources, owners or lessors, in proportion to these resources."< /p>

Conferences this weekend

As part of the  Habitat & Immo, Adil offers, in addition to its stand, two conferences. "Succeed in your energy&etic renovation project" on Saturday April 6, 2024 & 5:30 p.m., and "Renovate to rent better" on Sunday April 7   11 a.m. Information: Adil 48, 04 66 49 36 65,, 12 bis avenue Foch à Mende. The living room Habitat & Immo is held &at Mende from April 5 to 7, 2024   the events space. Open Friday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. 7 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m.   6 p.m., free.

Find out information before work

After the government announcements at the start of the year concerning the necessary public budget savings, support for energy renovation took a hit in the wing, with one billion euros withdrawn. But the director nuance: "It should be remembered that it still increases by 600 M€ (4  ;nbsp;billions of euros in total for 2024). This budget has never been higher."

At the local level, the community of municipalities and the department also contribute to large-scale renovations, up to 6,000 euros. for housing that has been vacant for more than three years. Because Lozère lacks housing, only 50% of the stock is occupied. "You should never undertake work before asking for help", insists Héloïse Costes. With cash advances possible. In 2023, more than two thousand people have benefited from the association's advice.

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