After its victory in Torreilles, Som Rugby Millau regains second place in the championship

After its victory in Torreilles, Som Rugby Millau regains second place in the championship

Après deux victoires de rang, Millau a désormais rendez-vous avec LSA, le 24 mars. Archives TC

Grâce à leur courte victoire dimanche 10 mars dans les Pyrénées-Orientales, les protégés de Baptiste Majorel grimpent d’une place au classement. 

A forceps success. Sunday afternoon, the Millavois, third at kick-off, met at Torreilles (9th) to confirm their convincing victory last weekend against Pézenas (36-10).

At the end, this time, of a much closer opposition, the Som continued outside its bases (22-23), thus stealing second place in the group from Castanet! Although he was facing a poorly ranked team this weekend, who had six defeats before this Sunday meeting, Millau was not expecting a game of fun either, given what was happening. rsquo;had passed on the way out. At the time, the Aveyronnais had already won by a small point, on a final drop from Gauthier Escalaïs two minutes from the gong (31-30).

Definitely, the protégés of coach Baptiste Majorel like this scenario. On Sunday, it was thanks in particular to his pragmatism and efficiency, which we regularly see away from home this season, that the Som managed to repeat the performance. After a first half which he controlled, partly due to his strong defense and a try from Eliott Austruy (18th), Millau doubled the lead when the lemons returned by Wilfried Pupier (42nd).

The locals, however, did not give up and put pressure on the Aveyronnais on the scoreboard. But two failures at the foot of Clément Nouzières at the very end of the game assured Som of a new victory far from its bases. And provisional second place!

Baptiste Majorel: “The players responded”

Millau coach, Baptiste Majorel appreciates: "I am satisfied with this performance. The players responded and I am proud of them. A big dedication in defense, especially in the first half, and realism in the second period allowed us to validate a new success à outside."

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